23 Random Facts About Me!

I have seen these posts floating around the blogosphere and also around youtube too! I've loved reading all of yours and decided to do one for myself! I thought I'd do 23 because I am (duh!) 23, and also because I don't think I have 50 interesting and random facts to share with you. I hope my facts are as interesting as I wish they were and you enjoy reading them!

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1. I was super-late on the ombre band wagon, but none the less I'm glad I got it done!
2. I have a HUGE nail polish collection, that just keeps on growing. I recently repurchased Nails Inc Magnetic Polish in Trafalgar Square (because I lost my last one) and my favourite one at the moment is Barry M Hi Shine Gelly in Prickly Pear!
3. I speak fluent Portuguese, as I grew up speaking it at home!
4. I am pretty much TOTALLY obsessed with penguins. My boyfriend even adopted me a group of Adelie Penguins that live in Adelie Land in Antartica! I think they're to most characteristic and cutest penguins of them all!
5. I'm a true gaming nerd at heart. I would play anything from Pokemon to World Of Warcraft.
6. I also have a totally unhealthy obsession with Pandas! I can't wait to go see them in Edinburgh Zoo with my boyfriend in March!
7. I LOVE Malteaster Bunnies! Every time I see them, they're usually on the 2 for £1 offer or something and I get one for me and one for my boyfriend :)
8. I dislike mushrooms with a passion.
9. I think I may be developing a shopaholic problem... My love for clothes, shoes, beauty products and pretty things has grown since blogging and I just can't help myself!
10. I didn't intend to stay at my job for longer than a year or so, but I ended up loving it more than expected!
11. I can't help but fall in love with every baby animals and every cute animals in general! If I wasn't so rubbish at Science I think I would of taken the zoo-ology path!
12. I also watch too many nature documentaries!
13. I still don't completely understand make up and make up brushes and all sorts. But I'm slowly getting there! What are reading blogs and reviews for!? :)
14. Only a selected few call me by my full name. I have a collection of nicknames for different people, from Cat Meow to Deeley.
15. I love my food, which is why it's so hard to eat healthy all the time. Desserts and TGI Fridays is my weakness!
16. I believe my lucky number is 3
17. I like collecting pretty notebooks and diaries!
18. I enjoy reading books, but I luckily have only bought books that I've loved. My favourite is P.S. I love you. It made me cry and it was probably the most romantic things I've ever read as well as The Notebook (but The Notebook in film form is better!)
19. I drive a Peugeot 206 but I've always wanted a Fiat 500. I love cars, and I learn everything I know about them off Top Gear!
20. I have three favourite TV shows at the moment: The Big Bang Theory, New Girl and Cougar Town
21. I have a cheesy yet cute and awesome list of things me and my boyfriend want to do together!
22. I only just recently joined the Disco Pant owners club.
23. I haven't been happier than the last two years with my boyfriend ♥ ♥ ♥
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  1. I'm also obsessed with penguins, well I think my whole family is! They are the cutest things everrrr. xx