The Pros and Cons of a December Birthday

There are so many reasons why having a December birthday is brilliant. But there are also just as many reasons why it isn't so brilliant. Being born just 5 days before Christmas Day has had it's ups and it's downs over the last few years and today I thought I'd share my pros and cons for having a December birthday. I know a few people with December birthdays too. Maybe you can relate? Let me know!

Pro: People will most likely remember your birthday. I know that some people know when my birthday is because it's just 5 days before Christmas. It's an easy date and it's so close to Christmas people kind of hate you for it. (But remember it isn't our fault!)

Con: People can forget when your birthday is. With all the Christmas shopping, festivities and all that lark, your birthday can get lost in the mix, meaning sometimes people forget about your birthday. Of course, my parents, siblings and boyfriend remember it but I've had other family members completely forget and that's just been a bit meh.

Pro: Presents. It just seems like you're getting a bunch of gifts at the same(ish) time because it's your birthday and Christmas. You get your birthday gifts and your Christmas gifts and it's awesome! It just feels lovely (admit it)! I like this because I feel like I don't have to worry about buying anything for myself when I do for most of the year too! Weird reason, but still a reason.

Con: Presents. "Do you get just one big present?" No! I don't because you don't get just one big present on your birthday in July and then they say, "oh, that's for Christmas too". This question is annoying and though this hasn't necessarily happened to me more than once (car), it's not the best if you're getting just one present because you're born in December... more so if you're birthday is shared with the birthday boy Jesus himself!

Pro: Lots of people are festive enough for a party! I love that everyone's up for doing things and because it's almost Christmas there are a ton of things to do and places to go. Everyone is excited and wants to do something so it's always party time around your birthday. I've had a fair share of fantastic birthdays thanks to this.

Con: Not everyone is up for a party. As I've got older, I've realised that because my birthday is in December, people are cautious to spend money, go out and enjoy themselves. You can find yourself with almost no plans on your birthday, or a Christmas themed birthday. Lucky for me, I love Christmas so I don't mind a Christmas themed birthday. I just don't like it when no one is around or too busy to do anything for my birthday celebrations.

Pro: No school! When I was at school, I think I had one or two days where my birthday fell on the last day of school. It was brilliant because I didn't have to get up early, I had no work to do and I had a whole day to myself. What could be better? As a teacher, I can't help that this is still a thing I appreciate!

Con: No School...? As much as I liked having a day off, it was always nice seeing your friends on your birthday. But... I would still appreciate a day off on my birthday a bit more!

Con: Your birthday is overshadowed by Christmas. It doesn't seem fair that people not born in December have the luxury of not having to worry about their day being overshadowed by a world-wide celebrated holiday. I can hear the Easter birthdays going "well what about us!?" You're get that too, yeah but Christmas is so huge that it's all anyone thinks about in December. It just not fair really.

Pro: Everyone is happy and festive and how can you not be happy with so many people around during your birthday month. It's true. I can't help but love my December birthday because I get calls from my family, and if not I speak to them at Christmas, I see lots of people and everyone is in such a good mood. It rubs off on me well if I'm feeling a bit glum on my birthday. It sounds like a weird pro, but it is one I enjoy. And overall, it does sound like their are more cons but there aren't. December birthdays may contend with Christmas but you have so many people around you and along with the bright lights, songs, festivities, potential snow and all that amazing stuff that you can enjoy near or on your birthday. It's just nice. Whether you like it or lump it, there are good things about December birthdays and things we dislike. 

Now it's your turn! If you're a December baby, what do you like and don't you like about your December birthday. Share them in the comments below.


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