My 12 Favourite Things About Christmas

Hello December and hello Blogmas! I'm so excited to announce that this year I am doing Blogmas which means, there will (hopefully) be a post everyday for the next 25 days in the run up to Christmas! I've never attempted Blogmas properly before but this year I've been inspired to give it a go and I'm a little more prepared for it this time around. To kick-start Blogmas, I thought I'd share the 12 things I love most about Christmas. It is one of my most favourite times of the year and it comes with so much joy and excitement, so there's a lot to love about it.

1. Christmas Decorations
I adore getting my home ready for Christmas. I love putting up the tree, filling it with decorations and giving a theme; I love feeling nostalgic and remembering years we've bought particular decorations and where we got it from. I love placing little Christmas ornaments around the house and I always have to have a drive around to look at the Christmas lights. I love the lights around me this year both in my town and surrounding towns. You know Christmas is near when the town Christmas lights are turned on. I need to see London's lights this year!

2. Christmas Jumpers
I have built myself a pretty good collection of Christmas jumpers over the last couple of years and today I actually wore my first one. I went for my most subtle one with a robin holding some mistletoe and over the week's I'm going to move on to the better and more exciting Christmas jumpers like my Bambi one with lights, my customised one I made last week and another one that is in the works. I love a good Christmas Jumper and there are a couple I'd love to add to my collection that are out at the moment. What's your favourite jumper? I can't choose right now... I have too many!

3. Advent Calendars
When I say advent calendars, I mean £2 chocolate ones from the supermarket. I love getting a chocolate advent calendar to help me count down the days until Christmas. I'm not for the beauty calendars as lovely as they are but I do like the ones that have small collectable toys for the kids. They're a great alternative to the sugar-filled chocolate treat and they come together to make a toy by Christmas Eve! I'd love a craft one if anyone ever made one!

4. Christmas Films
From Home Alone and The Grinch to Elf and very recently The Christmas Prince. I really enjoy Christmas films and make a conscious effort to watch as many as I can during the Christmas season. I always watch Elf with John when we make and decorate the tree. It's a lovely tradition we've created and I think they share some pretty lovely life lessons about caring, sharing and being a good person.

5. Christmas Adverts
Odd one for some but you know it's Christmas when the Coca-cola advert comes along and all the trucks are making their way to deliver coca-cola for Christmas. I love seeing what brands do for their advert each Christmas and though John Lewis usually make some heart warming videos that become favourites every year, I really love the Sky Movies one this year. My all-time favourite one is the one for the Spanish Lottery about the security guard and the staff syndicate. That one pulls at my heart every time!

6. Christmas Songs
At the moment I spend most of my drive to work listening to Capital waiting for the Christmas song of the morning. I love listening to Kiss but they haven't been playing any Christmas music and I love some Christmas music during the Christmas season. It really lifts my spirits and helps me perk up for the day and excited about the holidays.

7. Hot Chocolate & Christmas Desserts
It's probably the only time of year you'll find me drinking hot chocolate. I love hot chocolate during the Christmas season and I've started my hot chocolate drinking with a Black Forest hot chocolate from Costa the other day. It was too rich for me but it was definitely a nice one. At the moment I really like the one from the Morrison's hot drinks machine! Weird huh? But it's a good hot chocolate...
I feel like Christmas desserts sit well here too (and also because I was adamant to only have 12 things). I love having hot chocolate with a mince pie or a spiced/cinnamon flavoured dessert - even if it's just a churro! I love everything sweet around Christmas time. I'm pretty awful... but I allow Christmas to be that time I pig out.

8. Wrapping Up Presents
It's so nice wrapping up presents knowing you've got everything ready for the big day and even more so when you're excited about the gift you're giving. This year I get to wrap my presents in some cool paper with Christmassy dogs on. I love it. My theme is quite neutral, red and white this year with my wrapping. I like having a theme but I never spend too much on wrapping paper and ribbons. I like seeing what the supermarkets have and working with that. It's only going to get ripped up again!

9. Giving Gifts
On the topic of wrapping presents, giving presents is brilliant. I love seeing people's faces and especially when you've been thoughtful and you're anticipating how they're going to react. This year I'm not sure how some people will react to my gifts. I hope they'll like them. I usually do intense research to find out what I could get people so I can be certain they'll like it but this year I've not got a lot out of anyone. It's tricky but I think I've got some good gifts.

10. Opening Gifts
Be real. Who doesn't like opening gifts? I think it's just so lovely that someone thought of you. They spent time out getting you something and thinking about you. And they clearly care about you enough to get you something! N'awww. Doesn't that make you feel warm inside?

11. Having time off
For me, having time off during the holidays is amazing. In my profession I get a nice two week chunk of time off to reset and recharge. I love spending my time relaxing, sitting in my pyjamas, doing all the Christmassy things and giving myself a good amount of free me-time. It gives me some time to spend with John and see family and friends.

12. Spending time with family and friends
Christmas is a time where I get to see a lot of my family and friends. I have a family gathering on Boxing Day, I spend a lot of time with John and most of our other family that doesn't come to the Boxing Day gathering will come to visit us too. This year I'm making a conscious effort to see some friends before and after Christmas too. It's a time for family and friends and appreciating them and their company, sharing things with them and showing them how much you care about them.

So those are my 12 things I love about Christmas. They're pretty obvious ones but when I read these I like reading why and what about it that people love most.
What are your favourite things about Christmas? Share them in the comments below or tweet me @catttsays. I'll be tagging these posts in the hashtags #blogmas and #catttmas!


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