Pandora Christmas Market

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to and attend Pandora's Christmas Market to take a peek at their new Christmas collection and get into the Christmas spirit. Hosted in the most beautiful room, with the most amazing Christmas decor and faux snow all over the place... I was in heaven already! And even more so when I spotted all the exciting things we had to do during our evening in this winter wonderland... Let me tell you all about it.


I truly think this is the most beautiful set up I've seen for a blogging event yet! I walked into the room to find Christmas trees everywhere and faux snow all over the floor. It was simply magical. I felt like I'd walked into some sort of Scandinavian forest in winter. We were greeted by the loveliest gentleman who'd offered me some drinks. I went for a pear and apple juice because I was boiling hot from being on the underground for the last half an hour. I kept note of the amazing looking hot chocolate because I'd be having that later!


A walk deeper into the room and I spotted food carts, one with sweet Christmas treats and another with savoury ones. It smelled gorgeous and I dipped into a few of them. I loved the churros. There was a bar where you could get more drinks and a few stations around the room to take part in some crafty activities. When I found out what we'd be getting up to, I was more than excited! I was in my element. Jewellery and crafts, AND Christmas!? Three things I love all rolled into one evening - amazing.

Custom Christmas Jumpers

After picking up a drink and taking in the room, I quickly made my way to the table where we would be customising jumpers into Christmas jumpers! There were a bunch of amazing Christmas themed patches and some foil to add initials to our jumpers. I originally picked up the burgundy sweater to customise but I was inspired by some of the other bloggers there and picked up a grey one (which suits me better anyway) and went for a winter wonderland styled snowflake look on mine.

After figuring out how I wanted my pieces to go it was time to move over the the irons where we would affix the patches and get our foil letters on! I think my foil letters went on pretty well except since, I have accidentally ironed them off when I was re-ironing the patches as recommended to secure them completely. I've bought foils and adhesive to do it again, especially since I actually really enjoyed it and would like to make some other pieces with foil in the future. The crafter in me took note and did some post-foiling research!

I really liked the end result. It turned out much better than I expected and it inspired me to think about making some other pieces using patches and foils at home! I'm definitely going to wear this out a few times over the Christmas season. 

Christmas Bauble Painting

Next on the agenda was bauble painting. Looking at the finished baubles on display I was really excited about this one. My first and instant idea was to make one with mine and John's name on for our tree at home. Each year we get a new one to add and this one would be this year's one. Saved going around finding one. The colours we had to use are perfect for our tree theme which is white, red and silver. I just put the bauble up yesterday in our tree and it looks beautiful! A nice statement bauble. 

We had these brilliant bauble stands to help us keep our bauble in one place to paint. I really liked this and again, like many other things during the event, kept it in mind if I ever get into bauble painting in the future. I had a lovely chat with the lady running the workshop and she showed me what we had to do. Because I practise calligraphy and lettering quite often, she didn't have to run me through and I just went for it. I was inspired by the bauble with the mistletoe so I pretty much copied the design but with mine and John's name.

The final result was almost perfect! I definitely think I could have done better with the mistletoe and the placement of my super long name underneath John's but I still think it's amazing because it's personal and painting by yours truly. He liked it when I showed him :) 

Christmas Cracker Making

One of the other activities we had at the Christmas Market was cracker making. I thought it was quite a fun activity and definitely wanted to make one that I would open up with John. We see  each other on Christmas Day after we've had our dinners with our families so I thought this time we could have a cracker! This was a lot of fun to make and a nice quick and easy one I thought. I decorated my cracker with gold stickers and folded it as instructed before filling it with the typical Christmas cracker goodies!

Inside there's of course a couple of hats, sweets and one of your typical cracker gifts. I didn't forget the joke either or the noise maker for when it splits open! I can't wait to open it up with John. I finished it up with a couple of pink ribbons to finish off the look.

As well as all the amazing activities above, there were a couple of other games around too. Snowed Under was a 'lucky dip' style activity. Find a Pandora bag and see what you get! I got a gorgeous tear drop ring with cubic zirconia stones. It's gorgeous and adds a little glamour to my everyday look!

Another activity was the Christmas Pudding Shy which I didn't manage to get around to playing but I thought it looked really cool! The decor was just so instagramable too. I spent some time just looking around at everything. Really taking it in and getting into the Christmas spirit and hoping it might snow in London soon.

The Pandora Christmas Collection


Now, the Christmas collection is really something beautiful. I love everything about it from the colour schemes to the classic and colourful charms that shout "Christmas"! I really enjoy the charms best. I've always been one for charm bracelets and for me I'd be going for the silver 'wintery' charms and the classic Christmas charms most.


The charms on the trees below were beautifully displayed but for some reason I couldn't quite get the focus on the jewellery! Almost but not quite. I included them in this post anyway because I liked them... I would have liked them more if I got the focus in them perfect!

I had such a fantastic time at the Christmas Market making Christmas jumpers, crackers and baubles. I was so happy with how everything turned out and I would have stayed there all night if I could just enjoying the way it all looked! The snow on the ground was definitely my favourite. I'd have it like that in my house if I could! Pandora, you sure know how to bring Christmas spirit to us bloggers!

Thank you Pandora for a lovely evening! And I'm really enjoying all the goodies I got to take away with me!


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