Christmas Tree Photography

One of the things I love doing at Christmas is putting up the tree. I get to put up two trees because I have one with John and I have the family tree too. Both trees are very different but equally as beautiful. Mine and John's is quite sentimental and traditional, whereas the family one is more themed. I love photographing both my trees and today I just wanted to show off my trees with a little photography.

Mine and John's Christmas Tree

Every year, John and I buy a new ornament for our tree. Last year, it was this cute (but massive) Santa that I just had to have and this year it was the one I made at the Pandora Christmas Market. Our tree theme is red, white and silver with natural materials too. It's a pretty cute theme I think and something we really love,so bound to stick with for a while. Next year, I might get some little baubles to fill out the spaces between the special ornaments and maybe some extra ornaments to replace the ones that look like they're on their last legs (Meh)! My favourite is still the Santa for some reason, but I love that I painted this year's addition.
Which ornament is your favourite from this tree?

I experimented with my photography this year and I took some photos with lighting and some with just natural lighting. I prefer some photos with the flash and some without so I thought it would be nice to share both. The ones below are with natural lighting. Which ones do you prefer?

The Family Tree

For as long as I can remember, our tree hasn't ever really looked the same for more than 2 or 3 years. One year it was all pinkish and gold. I liked that but I missed the traditional decorations. The theme now has stuck for about 3 years now and this year, my mum's added some pretty fancy ornaments from Fortnum & Mason! I know which ones they are but I don't think you could really point them out quickly despite costing like two times more than some of the others. In this tree, the addition of the husky dog is my favourite so far. I also really like the polar bears and the fabric heart (my addition to the tree).
I love that this time around our tree is staying pretty same-ish. I like re-looking at all the ornaments when I put up the tree and I love that my mum's finally stuck to a theme - haha! We stopped putting tinsel on it a couple of years ago too. But I quite like a tree without tinsel, as much as I hate to admit it!
Which is your favourite ornament from the family tree?

The nice thing about this tree is that you can always spot some oddities sticking out somewhere. Our family is sentimental at times and as long as it isn't broken, it goes on the tree. This is why you'll spot an odd green clay tree in the back and potentially a little peg reindeer that my younger siblings made at school. CUTE.

I'm really enjoying all the Christmas things at the moment. I've just finished shopping though I'm going again tomorrow to help my little brother with some of his! So now I get to enjoy wrapping up all the gifts! I do think I might need to pick up a little bit of extra paper though... Genuinely think I didn't buy enough this year. Oops! How are you enjoying the Christmas season?


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