Happy Things #9

What Cat Says - Happy Things #9

It's back to writing one of my favourite ever posts and I've got a lot to be happy about recently. Though life is going to be quickly stressful and I'll feel like I have no time in the world at all, I'm looking forward to quite a lot, thankful for quite a lot and happy about quite a lot. How about I tell you all about what's made me happy in the last month?
  • Working again. This may seem like a strange one, but 6 weeks off can cause utter boredom when you're not exactly allowed to spend much and when your routine gets out of sync completely. So working again has been really lovely actually! I've got my routine coming back pretty quickly, and I feel like I have a purpose again!
  • Finishing my essay early! If you didn't know, this year I will be doing my teacher training and with it being my final ever year in education and the most important year of my life I'm not messing around with it. I actually managed to finish my essay three weeks before the deadline and with one week left I've tweaked the things that needed it and have my final copy ready to hand in! I'm so happy that I've done this and already feel like I'm organised and ahead of the game just a little bit. I hope to be like this all year!
  • Peach & Cherry Blossom Green Tea. I love tea, and I love fruit teas. But I've always disliked the taste of green tea. After reading all about the benefits of green tea, I really wanted to like it and wondered if I could find a flavoured one that I might like. This is when I came across this peach and cherry blossom green tea by Twinings! I always loved peach tea so when I saw this, I knew there was a good chance I'd like it and voila - I do! I've been drinking this everyday now and I love it. I don't think I can get enough of it.
  • #TwoPortugueseandaGinger. If you haven't seen the tweets on the #BloggersFestival hashtag or my post about the Bloggers Festival, you won't know about this hashtag that me, Ana and Tanya made up for ourselves. These lovely blogging gals and I went to the #BloggersFestival together a couple of weeks ago and had so much fun we made a hashtag for ourselves. I love these girls and it's been lovely seeing them after such a long time. I think we need to meet up more, but they've been making me happy a lot these last few weeks :)
  • Finding lost things. Oh my gosh... I lost my Sleek Solstice Highlighter Palette for a whole week recently and I was proper gutted that I may have left it somewhere or someone may have taken it from my bag or something! I don't know... But I was gutted until I found it hiding in my nail polish collection. PLEASE don't ask me how it got in there, but I was so happy to find it again. You don't know how much you like something until it' gone sometimes so it's lovely when you find it again.
  • Glitter placement nails. This is a very recent happy thing and its because it's bought me so much satisfaction. I found some cute glitters an old set of nail art things and decided to do a glitter placement accent nail and now I can't stop looking at it. It was so satisfying to create and now so satisfying to look at ♥
  • Playing World of Warcraft. Nerd alert! YEAH. And what? I've been playing this game for the last 3 months and I freaking love it. I've had so much fun with this recently and it's what I do when I need to escape all things life and internet. I play it with John a lot, so it's nice to have something in common that we can do together when we're not together if you know what I mean. It's lovely! ♥ I've had my brothers laugh at me for playing it, but they don't know what they're missing. Better than any FIFA or COD game, I tell you!
  • Knowing I'm finally studying the course of my dreams. I know this one's kinda cheesy but whatever. Because I finally am doing what I said I would do since I was 9 years old. I remember the day I decided I wanted to be a teacher and it has never left my mind since. So finally doing what I said I would do 18 years ago is like a dream come true really. I can't wait to get real stuck in!
  • Having ideas. A weird one now, but this is one I've found through my motivation recently! Whether it's been for work or my blog, I've had a ton of ideas and to make sure I don't lose them I've been writing them all down. It's so great when you have a flow going and since I was struggling with my flow only a couple of months ago it's been great to have it back!
  • The weekend away with John. Last weekend John and I decided to have a weekend away to just relax and chill out before work started properly for me. It was so lovely to have some time away from everyone and just have us time. If you feel like you need a get away with your loved one just do it! Make some time for just you two and you'll be surprised what wonders it does for your relationship. It doesn't matter how far you go, as long as you go somewhere ♥
What's been putting a smile on your face recently? :)


  1. This is such a lovely post! You have got up to so much! Good luck with your course! I hope it all goes really well for you!
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  2. Me and my boyfriend have been spending more quality time together lately, by going for little adventures to see what we find around our local area as well as country walks. We try not to use our phones throughout 'us time' as otherwise we get distracted by things and don't actually talk properly. It was so lovely having that time for just us, talking about things that we never thought we'd be talking to each other about. I haven't had the best month, but I hope that this month is better.

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  3. I wish I could do course work early - it would take away so much of the stress! I'm so happy for you that you're finally doing the course you love <3

    Gisforgingers xx

  4. I love finding lost things!! So exciting :)

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