My August Favourites

What Cat Says - My August Favourites 2016

 Another month, another 5 favourites. I'm going to go typical blogger here and say how fast this month has gone, but honestly being off for the entire month has really meant it's felt like a crazy fast month. All the days blur into one and you really lose track of time and when things should be happening. I'm a little glad to be back into a proper routine now to be honest! Anyway - this month, I'm gaga over these awesome monochrome pieces, a book (yeah, I know! She read a book!) and some cruelty free make up and skin care! Read on to find out why.... ♥

What Cat Says - My August Favourites 2016 - Lemonade Days
What Cat Says - My August Favourites 2016 - The Year I Met You

Treaclemoon - Those Lemonade Days Bath & Shower Gel
So this was a late August purchase after realising I was running very low on shower gel. I came across this in Tesco and I have seen this brand before, I just don't know if it's just in Tesco or elsewhere too. I bought it not only because it's actually a cruelty free brand (which I was super happy to see) but because it smells OH so amazing! Honestly, it is real lemonade and all things lemony sweet.... I can't get enough of it. I'm gutted though because it's limited edition too. I might have to get another bottle.

The Year I Met You by Cecelia Ahern
Okay, so I bought this book expecting it to be another amazing love story by Cecelia, but instead I found myself reading a story about friendship, real life issues and about finding yourself. I started reading this book literally months ago. Maybe even a year ago and I was bored for the first few chapters, but I knew I'd have to eventually soldier on and finish the book I'd already started. I in fact kinda hated it because I was confused about the characters a lot of the time and I didn't like the storyline at first. But with time to spend reading this summer, I picked it up and got quite engrossed. One night I was up until 3:30am reading this. I am a slow reader and I can't do it in a day like some okay!? Anyway, it's honestly such a lovely read and in fact a nice change to my usual love story books. That said, I'm finally going to read The Fault In Our Stars so I can finally watch the film too!

What Cat Says - My August Favourites 2016 - SammyDress
What Cat Says - My August Favourites 2016 - Whistle Candy

Floral Smock - SammyDress 
So if you've seen, recently I did a collaboration with SammyDress where you would have seen me styling this top. Since styling it in this post, I have worn it every week or weekend without fail. It's so pretty, feminine and it's so much fun to wear. I cannot wait to wear it again. I'm also obsessed with white tops and always have been so adding this to my wardrobe has made my love for white tops a little stronger. I don't know what it is about them. Maybe it's because they look so angelic and clean. And perfect with blue jeans? A definite and probably my best favourite for me this month!

Laser-Cut Gladiator Heels
Also this month, I collaborated with Whistle Candy on a Style post featuring these beautiful black laser-cut heels. I have worn these so much already and they've become my perfect date night heels. They're comfortable, feminine, sassy and give me a little more confidence somehow too. They look spot on with a pair of leggings or jeans to lengthen my legs and make me look a little taller! I've had lots of compliments on them too which is lovely and I know they'll be a favourite throughout September too.

What Cat Says - My August Favourites 2016 - MUA Eye Define Felt Liner

Eye Define Felt Liner - MUA
Last but not least is my new favourite liquid eyeliner ever. And the cheapest one I've ever bought at a tiny £2! So earlier on last month I had a 'one last spend spree' thing and bought some lovely make up from the affordable and amazing MUA at Superdrug. Knowing I was about to run out of some pretty awful eyeliners I bought not that long ago and was really disappointed by, I bought myself this simple felt eyeliner expecting it to not be all that. But boy, was I wrong!!!! It exceeded my expectations and in fact shocked me too! This liquid eyeliner is so beautifully pigmented and so sleek to put on. It's easy, it's really dark and it does exactly what you want all liquid eyeliners to do. If you go try a new eyeliner this month - please make it this one!

What is on your August Favourites list this month?

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  1. I'm so obsessed with your top! That eyeliner sounds really good! I've recently been loving boyfriend jeans, Nike Thea's and Liz Earle products :)

    Isobel x

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