September Favourites

What Cat Says - September Favourites

So it's time for another favourites and I've been loving these five things solidly for the whole of September. I've been enjoying these five for lots of different reasons, but they call have close to daily use in common. There's not been a week I haven't used any of these, and that what I think is important in picking favourites.

What Cat Says - September Favourites 2016-2017 18-Month Agenda
This month I got into the full swing of using my diary. I thought it was amazing when I first bought it for aesthetical reasons, but it's proved just as amazing for keeping my work and social life organised. It's really well laid out inside and it's hard cover means it doesn't get ruined in my bag. It's my reference for planning my weeks ahead, it's keeping me in check and let's face it, it's just sooooo pretty!
I've been really good at keeping it neat and tidy so far, but I do like that the pages I've gone through look quite used. It makes me feel like I've made good use out of it. I know I have, but used pages are a clarification. I know for sure that I'll make use out of this all year ♥.
What Cat Says - September Favourites
What Cat Says - September Favourites
Treacle Moon Marshmallow Hearts Bath & Shower Gel
If you read my last favourites you would know that I featured the limited edition 'Those Lemonade Days' version of this. In my love for that one I decided to get another bottle in a different scent for those days I'm not feeling lemony and fell for this scent. It's a super sweet sugary scent and smells really 'fluffy' if that makes sense. I guess it's just what I imagine it, but I love the scents Treacle Moon does, and what's even better is that it's cruelty-free!

Sleek Solstice Highlighter Palette
This highlighter palette wins. It's been a huge favourite for bloggers all over the blogosphere for it's gorgeous colours, amazing pigmentation and ability to always make your highlight on fleek! Am I down with the kids yet? I was so glad to finally have this in my makeup collection and honestly, I haven't used another highlighter since. I used to use my pretty but old No7 highlighter I got in a gift set, but this one has definitely trumped that one. I don't know who can trump this one now. If you didn't see, I featured this in my everyday autumn makeup look recently which I definitely think you should check out.... *hint hint*

What Cat Says - September Favourites
What Cat Says - September Favourites

Tan Ankle Boots * - Sole Diva via JD Williams
I love that boots weather is coming back quick, especially because I love styling boots AND I have so many. The most recent addition to my boots collection were there lovely tan ankle boots you would have seen in a recent 3 ways to wear post. I've been wearing these non stop this month to casual up a dress or add a little colour to an outfit. They're a great boot and so super comfortable too - especially when you're running around in them all day.

Brontosaurus Sterling Silver Necklace * -
This necklace has always been a conversation piece for me and you can clearly see why. It's absolutely adorable and a little different to what you find in simple sterling silver pieces. That's why I've been loving this so much. It's so simple and dainty but still quirky, which describes what I want from my current style.

What Cat Says - September Favourites

So those are my favourites for September. I know it's always the said thing, but this month has definitely flown by. With so many new, big and important things happening for me this month it's been an absolute rollercoaster, but one I'm extremely happy to be on. I definitely would recommend all of the things I've spoken about in my favourites today for high quality and frequent use. They're all great in their own little way and those are the things I love best and what makes them true favourites.

Just on a little tangent... I really feel like favourites aren't favourites anymore. I feel like they have lost their way over the last year, especially since they've become popular on YouTube and something we can all easily share. I like reading these which is why I post them myself, but I want to see what you've truly been loving - not what's new in this month. Otherwise I'd click your post called "New for September". This is why I limit myself to sharing five products only. Five things I have truly been loving and using frequently this month rather than lots of new things. They don't call them favourites for no reason you know? Which is why I challenge anyone reading this to really think about their favourite when they next post them. What are your true favourites this month and why? Even if they're something old or tatty. Share them with me. I want to see.


  1. Ooh the 2017 diary is so cute!
    I might need to invest in one myself :)


  2. I definitely agree with you there Cat! favourites should definitely be about what your favourites were for that month, not new in stuff :/ awesome post though!

    Isobel x

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