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What Cat Says - Tech | Varta Powerpack 2600
I don't often talk technology on my blog, but I do when it's usually something I really like or something new I want to share with you. Like that time I shared what I use to blog or those times my I've acquired a new iPhone! Today I'm reviewing a portable charger from power experts Varta. They're a lovely brand I met at the #BloggersFestival this year and had a good giggle with on the day. They kindly gifted me with one of their latest power packs available and I want to tell you all about it.
What Cat Says - Tech | Varta Powerpack 2600

I did a little background research on Varta when I decided to write this post. I asked my computer tech uncle if he'd ever heard of them and he had, telling me that they were very good and curious as to why I asked! I also used their website to find out that they've been around for 128 years! Not gonna lie, feeling a little silly that I've only heard of them now!!! And that they pride themselves in being a 'Made in Germany' company which basically means they've got a worldwide seal of quality and approval. Not bad huh!?

Anyway, now the backstory of Varta is covered let's get onto telling you about their latest portable charging product:

What Cat Says - Tech | Varta Powerpack 2600
This is Varta's Powerpack 2600 *. It's 10cm in length, weighing at a tiny 61g and has the ability to charge your phone to 100%. It comes in a variety of colours including coral and mint and it's small size means it's not going to take much room in your bag or even your pocket!
It comes with a small USB cable to charge it up and blinks a little blue light when it's charging - just so you know it's doing something! Nice and reassuring.

What Cat Says - Tech | Varta Powerpack 2600
It's charging capabilities allow for anyone on the go rest assured that they've got power when they're a little low or completely out of charge. Whether you're a blogger like me and you've been tweeting all day, an avid Pokémon Go fan or your Fitbit is a little low on charge. It's not just for smart phones, it's for any handheld device chargeable by USB. I'd probably find this more useful on my blogger days out, flights and long days outs. I also like that there is a little loop at the to end, perfect for attaching to key rings, lanyards or wherever you could think of keeping it so it won't get lost.
What Cat Says - Tech | Varta Powerpack 2600
After using it for a couple of weeks and seeing full charges on my phone I would definitely recommend one of these, especially for the size. It's so easy to carry and perfect for so many things! And at around £9 it's actually pretty cheap too. Actually, it's a pretty good stocking filler for any tech fans this Christmas!
As much as I love this product, I will be giving it to a new loving owner. My little brother is a huge Pokémon Go fan and ALWAYS out of battery so I think he'll get more use out of it than me at the moment. I've also got another three(!) portable chargers anyway that are still in working order, so it's not like I won't go without. I don't think he'd appreciate my other more girly ones either... Teehee!
Would you buy one of the Varta powerpacks? I think I might buy myself another one later on when the other powerpacks I have die on me. I'd probably get the mint one next time. Such a cute colour!


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