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Ever since discovering Exuviance a couple of years ago at the #BloggersFestival, I've always been interested in their products. I quite like their Gentle Cleansing Cream and though I've not used it all just yet (even though I've had it a while), I like to save it for those days where I need a little extra hydration.
Exuviance have a wide range of products at the moment including a new foundation range anda recently released body care range. At the #BloggersFestival this year, I was given one of their Bionic Body Polishing Masques to try out for myself and I really want to share my verdict with you and tell you how I got on with it.

Now, I'd never heard of a body masque before so I was really interested to see what this product was all about. From my chats at the Exuviance table at the #BloggersFestival, I learned that this was great for softening and smoothing the skin when needed and was a great in-shower product that was quick and easy to use in just 2 minutes!
On first impressions I was curious by the consistency of the product. A soft and creamy texture with plant-based exfoliating beads - great for the environment unlike those plastic micro-beads! They also don't aggravate or damage your skin like the plastic micro-beads sometimes do. I've not really had a particular good or bad experience with micro-beads in my skincare products, but I'm not sure on them after they irritated my skin one month leaving sensitive areas in my face a little reddened.

The first time I used this, I did an all-over application. I realised quickly that I was using a lot of product at once and that this probably would run out extremely quickly if I did this. The second time I focused on dry skin problem areas for myself such as my elbows, knees, heels and I did run whatever excess product I had left to apply along my arms and legs also. I realised by doing this, I wasn't using half as much product, but getting the same results.

The results were instantly impressive. I loved the feel of the product on my skin, and I instantly noticed softer skin for a good couple of days too! On the second application I noticed equally impressive results, even though I was just focusing on problem areas.

The simple answer is yes but no. I would - for the product's results only though. The product itself retails at a wincing £32.99 on for a 150g bottle. It has great and instantly noticeable results, but I wouldn't exactly call this affordable for me. I do understand that it is a higher end product, and you do get good results for your money but I can't justify this price at the moment. Even their Gentle Cleansing Cream which I still have and love, I only have because I save for those days or weeks when I really need it. Just like that, this would become one of those luxury things I go to when I really need it or when I'm having a serious pamper session.

The other thing that bothers me is that mid-way through writing this post, I began a little background research because I thought Exuviance was cruelty-free after reading 'Not Tested On Animals' on the Gentle Cleansing Cream bottle. After looking at the Body Polishing Masque bottle I noticed it wasn't printed there and immediately became concerned! Noticing this, I visited their website again to see if I could find any information about this and then when I didn't, I resorted to google it and found that I probably can't consider them cruelty-free anymore which I was SO gutted about! After gaining a passion for supporting cruelty-free products and brands, this leaves me unsure about whether they are or not and it tears me up when it's a brand I really like just like Exuviance! For me and because of my passions, I feel I would want this clarified before thinking about using more of their products in the future, especially since I really enjoy their products and that they use alternatives for animal-tissue derived ingredients. I would just want to know that they can guarantee their ingredients are not tested on animals.

Have you ever tried Exuviance's products before?


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