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Another year, another amazing #BloggersFestival thanks to the beauty that is Scarlett! This year, I attended Scarlett London's #BloggersFestival for the third year running, and as always it was a lot of fun! She puts so much effort into these, it's no wonder they're always a success! There were some pretty awesome new brands there as well as some returning favourites and on top of that I got to spend it with my favourites, Ana and Tanya aaaand became friends with the lovely Abi too! Read on to find out what us four ladies did at The Bloggers Festival this year ♥

When I got to London, I met up with Ana at the station so we could walk to the venue together. It was at the Conrad Hotel in London where it had been held last year too, so we knew it was a great place and it was nice going back to familiar spaces. We got there quite early met up with Tanya and Abi who were already inside taking some pre Bloggers Festival snaps! It was lovely to have some time before the event hitting of to have a good old catch up, which we did quite well I think! Once it was time to get started, we all pinched a lovely complimentary Bucks Fizz and entered the main hall for brand and blogger mingling!


The first brand we came across was JewelleryBox.co.uk which is one of my favourite ever brands! I absolutely love their jewellery which you may know as I have worked with the before on this post! We had a little chat with the guys there as I had a photoshoot booked with them later on in the day and Ana and Tanya managed to get booked in either side of my time slot which was a happy convenience for us! What was better was that Abi was only one time slot behind us! So we all got to be together for that!
We would later head out for our photoshoot where we ended up giggling loads whilst trying to show off some of JewelleryBox's pretty pieces that we had picked! I picked a pretty knot ring and anchor bracelet along with a cute hexagon necklace that I was allowed to take home after the shoot - Thanks JewelleryBox! My favourite moment was taking group photos with Tanya and Ana! You can tell how much fun we were having in the photos below:
These girls tho. #twoportugueseandaginger for life ♥

The other familiar brands at the event this year was Natural World who I've also worked with on their Brazilian Keratin hair care range, who were sharing with us their latest Chia Seed hair care range which sounded very interesting. It was lovely to see them and the faces behind all those emails!
We also saw Exuviance which we've met at Scarlett's events before too who were sharing their latest body care range. They gave us a body mask to try which I'll be reviewing very soon! I've tried their Cleansing Crème which I'm really impressed with and reviewed here too!

(Beverley Hills Formula photo by Tanya)

Two brands that were new and I was excited about was Beverley Hills Formula and 7th Heaven. I've loved 7th Heaven for such a long time and I was extra excited when they gave us a bunch of different face masks to try including their latest hair mask and finger masks! As for Beverley Hills Formula, I'd never heard of them until Tanya mentioned their black toothpaste which is supposed to be amazing. I was lucky enough to receive the black toothpaste to try as well as their gold one too!

There was one brand I really wanted to make sure I had a chat with and that was the people over at Alflorex. I've never spoken about it on my blog before but I suffer with IBS and it's a constant battle to try and regulate it. After hearing all about their latest IBS medication available in pharmacies and selected Boots stores I wanted to hear what they had to say and what it was all about. I'm really keen to try this and see how it works for me! It would make my life if it works!
Go Send was another brand I was absolutely smitten for by the end of the event. They are a brilliant company where you can buy products from the USA and ship them to the UK for cheaper than it costs directly from the store! I couldn't believe it and I was instantly thinking about future shops at Sephora, Macy's and all sorts of US brands with killer shipping to the UK! Maybe I can finally shop it all a little cheaper with Go Send!? Though I'm still unsure about whether there will be customs charges and things like that.
I'm sorry, but I haven't quite got these in order of when I saw them but I did see SocialSuperstore.com which is going to answer every blogger's url problems! They allow you to link products through their store and basically get commission for people buying stuff via the links you put on your blog! I can't wait to get started with this and hopefully make some money through it. It's worth visiting their website to find out more.

Lipvir was also a familiar face from the #BloggersBall earlier this year. I don't suffer with cold sores myself but their product allows people who do to prevent it from even happening in the first place! I don't know anyone just yet who suffers with it, but when I do I can give them a sample of this that I was kindly given!
Another brand I met and was quite interested in was David Hampton who make these gorgeous bags I know would be perfect for my job right now. But upon further research, I found these bags to be too far out of my price range which I was a little gutted about.

There were so many brands at the event this year and if I went on about them all this post would be as long as me! Other brands I did see but didn't manage to photograph was Friction Free Shaving which I cannot wait to sign up to. They're an awesome new brand who do subscription razors from £3 - £8 WITH P&P. Yeah I know right. Basically it's a monthly subscription of razors with a razor for each week so that you never go longer than 7 days with an old razor! I'm really keen on the £5 one, and I can't wait to try the sample box they kindly gave us at the event.

I loved seeing all the brands and I'm glad I got to speak to everyone there. Other brands I didn't mention but I was really happy to meet was Varta who are a tech company featuring their latest portable chargers, PNY who were showcasing a range of tech products including rose gold portable chargers and the amazing rose gold charging cables we managed to win with this post on Twitter:

As well as them, we met Opies who shared an amazing ginger Christmas cake recipe I'm excited to try and Bodychef who are a personalised diet hamper delivery service. I think that was everyone, but I can't remember... I'm sorry if I forgot someone!

The afternoon was an overall success. It was a lot less crowded than previous events which was quite lovely because it was a lot less stressful and sweaty! Last year was amazing too, but it was so packed with people I felt like I was stepping on people's toes every 5 seconds and I was a little stressed about that. This year was relaxing and flowed so much easier! I even met some new bloggers and had a proper chat with them. I Caught up with the Soeurs de Luxe girls, Jasmine and Kirsty ever so briefly and I was really happy to meet Hannah who I'd spoken to on Snapchat a few weeks back and many times on Twitter!

I had the best time and there were such funny moments. Like when I screamed at my tweet on the big screen and then the birth of #twoportugueseandaginger hashtag! Yes, me, Ana and Tanya are now #twoportugueseandaginger. Follow our hashtag when we're out and about causing havoc like we did a little at the Bloggers Festival. We gave some of the brand reps new names, guessed their brother's names and probably needed to wind it in a little bit! But nahhhh! We were having too much fun! Ah, is there such thing as TOO much fun!?

The night finished up with a live episode of Jeremy Kyle outside the hotel. It was a bit hectic, but it made Ana laugh and smile which she needed after the day she was having. I have to say, this tops all my blogging events! I had such an amazing time and I miss those girls already.

Did you attend the #BloggersFestival this year?
Be sure to head back for reviews on some of the things I picked up here this time!

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  1. I was there too, it was such a great event ! your picture are fab.