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Dogtooth Outfit Intro Photo (Outfit Summary)

I'm back on the blog again! And showing off the outfit I wore to Peterborough today because I love it. So, John and I had a little errand to run up in Peterborough and decided to make a day of it with shopping and food! It was a lovely day out and we'd both never been to there before so it's a place to tick off my list. I did although only come back with a new eye liner and Price Charming Shower Cream from Lush and no new holiday clothes which was my aim... Oops.

Dogtooth OutfitFull Length Dogtooth Outfit / Bag & Jacket INCL.
Dogtooth Shell Top Print Detail Close-up

Today I wore a new top that my lovely auntie gave me when I visited her last weekend. It's this beautifully simple sleeveless black and red dogtooth shell top and it's great for a 'rock chick' kinda vibe. I actually wore this with a different jacket because I needed to be warmer (cannot deal with the cold) but ideally I'd love to wear this again when it gets warmer with my fringed PU biker jacket like I styled it here.
Of course I couldn't wear it without my favourite pair of slash knee jeans and some black boots to keep the vibe going. I would although like to see how it works with blue denim shorts for a more spring look.

Full Length Dogtooth OutfitFull Length Dogtooth Outfit
Necklace Details
Gemporia Ring
Shell Top - Pimkie / Jeans - Miss Selfridge / Jacket - Next
Bag - Warehouse / Ring - Gemporia / Necklace - ??? / Boots - Timberland

I was up pretty early this morning so I wasn't exactly being very organised. I quickly picked up the first bit of jewellery that would go with this outfit and I think this red on red necklace/top combo works. I don't understand how or why, but I like it and I felt like it really completed my look.
I'm also going to mention my gorgeous new ring I've been wearing on my middle finger today. It's from Gemporia and it's a gorgeous sterling silver diamond stacker ring! I think it's so pretty an simple and really sits well next to my other silver ring. Fun fact: I've not taken this ring off (apart from cleaning it ofc) for about 10 years. I've kinda made a dent in my finger from wearing it so much!

I hope you've all had a lovely Saturday too?
P.S. If you go to Peterborough, Wildwood is a great restaurant!



  1. Love your top Cat, definitely a good match of incorporating that red necklace, somehow it just works so well! <3 Very western/bohemian and casual vibes which I love from this outfit!

    Isobel x

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