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Online shopping can be a real stress. It's hard to visual what a product would look like in person with a small collection of photographs, which is why I tend to sway away from it and stick to the high street. But imagine being able to sit in the comfort of your own home after a long day at work, and experiencing the new online shopping experience that is VIS-tailing. Friday the 4th March, Gemporia is launching The Diamond Room: a revolutionising online experience that will potentially change online shopping forever.

If you haven't yet visited their website, Gemporia are an online jewellers offering the world's largest selection of ethically sourced genuine gemstone jewellery. Gemporia pride themselves on being sustainable and exclusive as well as offering quality along side honest pricing since the early 90s! Gemporia have always been successful in running an online jewellers, but with VIS-tailing they could take their success next level.

But Cat, what is VIS-tailing? Let me tell you: VIS-tailing is a new concept bought by Gemporia offering one-to-one customer service in real-time via The Diamond Room (which mimics being in a high-street jewellery store). Visiting The Diamond Room on their website, you will be able to communicate with a Diamond Expert between 1pm and 1am (GMT) 7 days a week via a live video chat. The Diamond Expert can showcase over 700 beautiful diamond designs to provide the best possible online customer service. The Experts have also been trained to switch from a number of cameras to show you the product close-up without having to take their focus  (and hands) off of the jewellery while still providing that high quality customer service! Good huh?
Customers watching the live feed can also request live demonstrations and ask questions whilst everyone else watching is equally being shown and educated on diamond cuts and quality, as well as being shown other similar designs to help customers make the right choice.
The Diamond Room was developed to improve and enhance the process of online shopping, specifically helping those shopping for engagement rings or for something a little extra special. As Gemporia's founder Steve Bennett mentioned, most people know exactly what they're looking for, but some customer's need a more detailed service to help decision-making and buying online with confidence. 
Personally, I think it's an amazing new concept that is definitely going to help shoppers all over the world and revolutionise the online shopping experience. I can't wait to see The Diamond Room in action from Friday. Will you be visiting The Diamond Room during your next online jewellery shop? 


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