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Today I want to talk about a new range of shampoo, conditioner and hair oil that I've been trying out from Natural World. They have a range of collections suiting different hair types but for the last month I've been testing out their Brazilian Keratin hair care range. Over the last four weeks, I've seen changes in my hair and I thought now would be about the right time to talk about it. Carry on reading to find out what I thought!

The Brazilian Keratin Range is specifically made for people with dry and frizzy hair. I'm a sufferer of dry and frizzy and always looking for something to smooth my hair out and lock in moisture without the greasy feeling. So of course I was excited when Natural World asked me to try their range. The range includes a shampoo, conditioner, a full sized bottle of hair oil and a travel sized bottle too. I've been using the shampoo and conditioner every other day for the last month and the hair oil whilst my hair is wet. I've not taken the travel sized bottle out with me, as I don't feel I really need it when I'm out and about but it's a great size to take with me on holiday!

Over the month I've been consistently using this range and there's no other way of saying how I will carry on using it and buying it again when I run out. There are so many positives to say about this range, including a great price along with the benefits I've seen from using it!
In one use I noticed a significantly softer feel to my hair, which I loved. I didn't know if it was just because I was using oil, but as I carried on using it I noticed my hair was feeling softer, smoother and was becoming easier to brush and style! Keeping a consistent use, I've loved the way my hair has been feeling and it would be a shame to take that away, which is why I know I will continue use. I was worried that my hair would start becoming greasy, but a month later I haven't come to that point with that, I don't think I will.

The hair oil specifically doesn't leave any oil streaks or heaviness anywhere in the hair. I've tried quite a few hair oils and I get really disappointed when I find that they're quite heavy or it's noticeable in terms of a couple of oily streaks.
The only con I can think of right now is that the shampoo or conditioner is scentless. I don't know about other people's preferences, but I kinda like a scent in my hair that stays after it's dried. Maybe it'd be lovely to have a  tropical scent to it? But it's not a deal-breaker! The results are more than enough for me :)

Overall, I'm really excited about this range even still a month on! I've really enjoyed using it and seeing a real difference in my hair. Even John has noticed a visible difference in my hair which is nice because it just clarifies what a difference it has made! Isn't it lovely when boyfriends notice things like that?
Have you ever tried the Natural World hair ranges yet? They have SIX ranges including the Brazilian Keratin range, Moroccan Argan Oil, Caffine Power, Chia Seed, Macadamia Oil and Coconut Water range to suit ALL your hair types! 

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  1. Sounds not too bad then! I've recently been using the blonde illuminator by garnier which makes my hair feel super nice! Recommend you try the set for brown hair if you ever consider it! :)

    Isobel x

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