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What Cat Wore | Denim Dungarees - Intro Outfit Summary

I'm obsessed with dungarees at the moment! Since I bought my first pair in December to wear on my birthday, I've been hooked and so glad to have added a denim and a knitted pair to my growing collection. Yesterday I wore these gorgeous black denim dungarees from Pimkie. It's a shop that I've only ever seen in France, but I wish we had it in the UK - I would buy so much more from there!!Think Bershka and H&M... It's like that.

What Cat Wore | Denim Dungarees -  Outfit Shot 1What Cat Wore | Denim Dungarees - Outfit Shot 2
What Cat Wore | Denim Dungarees - Waist Up Outfit Details
What Cat Wore | Denim Dungarees - Trainers Close Up

I'm always honest about my feelings on styling certain new pieces and I struggled here simply because I'm still very new to styling dungarees. The first time I wore these, I wore it with a striped crop top and it looked great (you may have seen this combo on Instagram last week). Looking for new ways to style this, I found it hard to find the perfect piece already sitting in my wardrobe, but then I decided to try it out with my khaki bodysuit from Missguided. Though I feel I need something with sleeves to make this outfit rock, I was inspired by the warmer weather we had yesterday to wear something sleeveless and this is the outfit I came up with. I think it looks good actually - it's just the sleeves that bothered me. What do you think?

What Cat Wore | Denim Dungarees - Outfit Shot 3What Cat Wore | Denim Dungarees - Outfit Shot 4
What Cat Wore | Denim Dungarees - Necklace Detailing
What Cat Wore | Denim Dungarees - Selfie
Dungarees - Pimkie / Bodysuit - Missguided / Necklace - Topshop / Trainers - Matalan

It wouldn't be 100% my style if I didn't add some a girly touch or twist to it, so I decided this lilac crystal statement necklace would work great to add some extra detail to the outfit. And to finish it off I wore my new wedged trainers from Matalan. I've never bought anything from Matalan but finding one so close to my work, I decided to pop in and found these. I do have a little problem with them though... The embellished strap keeps catching when I walk and ripping off... I sewed them back on but I need a more permanent solution... Can someone help me? I really don't want to take them back!



  1. I am in love with dungarees too, I really like those and your outfit looks great!

  2. Great outfit! I love your dungarees and the colour of your top. Gemma x

  3. Sounds like I need to get myself to France to visit this shop! I'm in love with dungarees too and these definitely need to be added to my wardrobe ASAP! <3 I love how you've styled it with khaki though, sleeveless looks good! Nice lip colour by the way Cat! If you search on eBay for a similar pair of those wedged trainers, I'm sure you'll find some nice ones there :) or use like hair grips to keep them on or something?

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