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A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit Brooks and Brooks hairdressing salon in Holborn. I was in dire need of a haircut, especially as I hadn't gone for 6 months. And because I'm growing my hair back out I needed to re-shape and style my hair so it would look good in this mid-length/ half grown out stage. Carry on reading to find out more about my visit to the Salon!

So I visited the Salon on a Tuesday and I got there a little late thanks to underground delays. It was pretty easy to find being a 5 minute walk from the station. I got there and walked into a lovely reception area and greeted warmly. After giving my name and apologising for my lateness, I was asked to wait for Rosie who would be cutting my hair. (I think it was Rosie, sorry if I get the names wrong!) My appointment was also pretty late in the day at 5pm! The salon closes at 9pm 4 days a week, which suits those full-time/late workers like me. It wasn't long until Rosie arrived and sat me down in the chair to talk through what I wanted.

I wasn't looking to cut much length off my hair. I wanted split ends gone, and because my hair had been cut into a very blunt and slightly graduated bob last time, it'd grown out a bit like that and I wanted to add a bit more shape and add in some layers to stop that bulkiness I was having on the ends. Rosie listened well and talked me through the options I had before deciding what we were doing. She was so lovely and I was confident leaving my hair in her hands!

Washing my hair was an amazing experience. I can't remember the lovely girl's name but she could have made me fall asleep with that scalp massage she gave me! I love going to a salon and getting my hair washed - it really relaxes me and is one of my favourite things about going to a salon! Is that weird to say? 
After getting my hair washed, Rosie started on my hair. She talked me through everything she was doing and we had a lovely conversations in between about blogging, hair shows and I picked her brain on hair products and advice on hair care. She was super enthusiastic and I loved that she was very picky about how my head was positioned as funny as that sounds. Apologising for it, I told her not to because I was sure she just wanted to do a good job!


When my hair was cut, she dried and styled it for me just the way I like it! I loved the overgrown fringe look she gave me and I have layers now! It's not instantly noticeable because I didn't cut lots off, but styling it now, it is so much easier and my hair looks like it has so much more structure now. I hope you can see it in this before and after shot!?

Overall, my experience at Brooks and Brooks was without fault! The staff were very friendly and my hair stylist did a great job at listening to what I wanted and advising me on what I should do. I felt really relaxed and trusted Rosie very easily. It's not often I can trust a hairdresser 100% since I have had a couple of horror stories with some, but she did a perfect job and I would definitely go back to get my hair cut there again. Even at 6/7pm the salon was still really busy, and if that isn't a sign of a great salon too - I don't know what is! I'd definitely recommend going here if you're looking for a salon in London ♥


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  1. Sounds like a salon I'd definitely like to visit! I can see what a lovely job they've done to your hair and it looks so much better! Loving the layers and the long fringe too! you suit this a lot Cat!

    Isobel x

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