What Cat Wore | In Those Jeans Again

Literally ALWAYS in these jeans and though I accidentally popped a leg through one of the rips and made it odd and bigger, I still love them so so much. You know those jeans that you could live in? Yeah, these are those. I'm glad I have a pair in black too, but I kinda want a new blue pair too. Anywayyyyy, let me tell you about my cute jumper too!

Yet another purchase from my weekend trip to France was this cute yellow jumper made for spring! I absolutely adore the cut out shoulders and I'm making any excuse to wear this as often as I can. It looks great with my H&M floral trousers and I can imagine it'll look good with my safari/zebra printed joggers too! I couldn't tell you where it's from though... I bought it in one of those really random shops out there and it doesn't have a brand label on it - just a wash label.

Jeans - Miss Selfridge / Jumper - Bought somewhere in France
 Boots - Timberland / Necklace - New Look

I needed a pretty but simple outfit today for a little get together with the boyfriend's family. I think this one was perfect. You know it's perfect when your boyfriend says you look cute today ;) Thanks babe! ♥


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  1. Cute outfit! Wanting your boots Cat! Aw isn't your boyfriend cute saying that! Hope you had a nice day :)

    Isobel x

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