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Hey hey! First 2016 outfit post! Happy New Year every body, I hope all your New Years celebrations went well? After having a great night out and the laziest New Year's Day ever I'm back into the swing of things today taking lots of photos and scheduling posts for the next few weeks. Today I decided to post my outfit of the day because I am loving my new combat joggers and want to tell you a little story about them....

I'm pretty obsessed with these joggers! They're so cool and though I'm still not 100% sure on styling it for the winter, I can't wait to wear them in the summer with cool crisp white shirts and colourful crop tops. I actually bought these because I gifted my mum a pair of similar combat trousers (which you will see in a future post... oooh...) and I loved them so much I wanted a pair for myself. I got mine in the ASOS sale and what I am about to say may shock many. These trousers are also my first ever piece of ASOS clothing! Where have I been all this time. Honestly - WHERE? I can't believe I've never gone ASOS for anything before and I think I am completely converted. They're amazing... All the ASOS things please!

Today I wore these new beauts with my trusty new and gorgeous Timberland Boots and my latest addition to the jumper collection. Though this jumper may look soft and cuddly, the tinsel like thread running through it for a sparkly effect makes it a very itchy jumper. I've settled for wearing it ONLY ever with long sleeved tops underneath. I love it too much to return it for a little itch.

I also went to the Urban Decay make up counter in my local Debenhams today for a makeover session that my mum booked me in for Christmas. There I told them that I was given the Vice 4 palette for Christmas and they showed me how to do this amazing orangey smoky eye! I was so happy with it because I was so stuck on how to use the shade Flash. It's such an amazing vibrant and shimmery orange and now I know how to apply it. The amazing woman who was doing my make up also showed me how to do the sharp eye shadow line without tape and explained the importance of doing eye make up first. So much learnt! What are your thoughts on my orange smoky eye? Do we love it?

Also buzzing for the new year. Is anyone else feeling like 2016 is going to be pretty good? :)

What I'm Wearing:
Jumper - H&M
Joggers - ASOS
Boots - Timberland
Necklace - New Look
Phone Case (just seen) - Zero Gravity
Make Up by Urban Decay

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