January Favourites

A few months ago I decided to pick just five things to feature in my monthly favourite posts that were genuinely my favourites for that month. I feel like so many bloggers ans youtubers say that things so many things are their 'favourites' when actually out of all those things you've liked this month I wonder, what are your genuine favourite things out of those!? And that's what lead me to picking only 5 of all the things I've been enjoying each month. Let me share with you my five favourites for January!

Topshop Treggings - This month I've been wearing these treggings so much! They're super comfortable and they're beautiful too. Being monochrome they're also so versatile and great for work or going out! I've styled these on the blog before but I'm sure it's not the last time you'll see them.

iPhone 6S - After my little accident with the iPhone 5S on Christmas Day I started thinking about upgrading even though I really didn't need to after having my phone fixed a few days later. That said, I found an amazing deal and I really wanted to grab it whilst I had the chance to. Since then I haven't looked back and I've been loving having a fresh new iPhone for the new year. I'm even thinking of doing a 'What's in my iPhone' post if you're interested?

MAC Lipstick in Strength - I've been absolutely loving this lipstick this month wearing it with so many rusty, coppery looks. It's such a beautiful creamy lipstick with a light metallic look too. I'm still very into the copper/rustic coloured make up at the moment, so this is right up there in my most used lipsticks for the month.

Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette - Keeping on the make up theme I've been absolutely loving my new Vice 4 palette and trying out so many different make up looks with it! I have to say I'm really digging the pink/purple tones lots at the moment but I'm finding myself leaning towards the greens for February. Maybe I'll do a blog post all about my favourite looks that I've been creating with this palette!

Timberland Glancy Boots in Black - Last but most definitely not least, my Timberland boots are well broken into by now, especially since I've been wearing them non stop throughout January. Having these gorgeous boots in both black and the original wheat yellow colour, I feel like I can pair them with any outfit now. I can't get over them really, they're just gorgeous! I really think that recently I've only ever been seen wearing these boots in either colour or my high leg boots!

What are your favourites for January? Link me to your blog posts in the comments ♥


  1. I love the Timberland Glancy boots! I much prefer the black to the mustard ones they do.


    1. I have them both! I love them... And I love the chocolate ones they do too! x

  2. The boots are so lovely! They've got such a lovely deep colour, I had similar ones that faded to grey which was disappointing!

    luce | http://luceellen.co.uk

    1. Thanks, they do don't they? That's why I love them so much x

  3. The boots are essentials and that Vice palette...YES PLEASE <3

    Isobel x

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