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iPhone 6 Case - Zero Gravity via ASOS

Today I'm here to tell you about my awesome new phone case for my new iPhone 6S. I ended up upgrading recently and wanted a decent phone case about it and just need to tell you why I love this one from Zero Gravity so much. I know it's just a phone case - but I don't think I've liked one half as much as I love this one before!

So first let me tell you a little story about why I upgraded because I was actually fine with my phone until Christmas Day. On Christmas Day I smashed my beloved iPhone 5S. I dropped it whilst taking a photo of the ma-hoosive Christmas dinner and was pretty annoyed with myself for it because I shouldn't have been holding the camera and phone in the same hand. Luckily for me, my uncle fixed my phone because it was only the screen but it's been done a few times now. And because it is 2 years old, I was worried when it would break again and I was due an upgrade anyway. I started shopping around for new deals and I ended up on a Mobile Phones Direct, got myself a free iPhone 6S and am now saving almost £10 a month compared to how much I was paying before for my old iPhone! That same day I ordered myself a fancy phone case from Zero Gravity on ASOS and I'm in love with it!

When I bought it I expected the phone case to be one of those slim plastic ones. I liked the design which is why I bought it and at £21 all I could think of was: "this better look good and last". Alas, when it arrived I was surprised to find this chunky case that I could just instantly tell was worth all the money! It's a really thick transparent jelly casing that wraps around the entire body of the phone and encases the buttons as an extra safety feature. The design on the back is made of thick plastic acrylic too, which I kinda love! The pink and the gold geometric shapes are mirrored and the silver is a textured frost effect.
Not only do I think the case looks awesome, timeless and doubles up as a mirror, but my new phone feels super safe in this case. It's just so bulky protected as well as somehow looking sleek and stylish! Zero Gravity do a whole bunch of these amazing cases in so many colours and designs. I didn't want to think about getting another case to swap into any time soon but when I get bored I'll definitely be investing in another Zero Gravity case. I've got my eye on this holographic one, and this cat one!



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