My January

January has been pretty quiet. I haven't had anything big or exciting happening but I have been working hard on ensuring a great year of health, fitness, hard work and determination to succeed. Even if I fail at any of those, I hope that when I round up 2016 I can be proud of my effort. Even though there wasn't much going on this month - how can I not round up my first month of the new year?

Just before the new year, I decided to actually BE healthy this year and I think so far I'm doing pretty well. Just yesterday I made the most amazing baked avocado with bacon and egg and have been disciplining myself with yoga, good breakfasts and lunches. I have had the occasional naughty doughnut or big treat but it hasn't been as often as I used to let myself.
I've also been enjoying yoga classes throughout the month but after being ill for a whole week I'm out of sync. I got back into it properly yesterday and I'm challenging myself to 21 consecutive days of yoga. I don't know if I can, but I will try!

As well as being motivated to better my health and fitness, I've been working hard on my blog. I feel like this place is right where I'd like it to be and I'm so happy with it. I feel like the effort is showing and I plan to continue my efforts throughout the year!
Apart from efforts this month, I haven't really been out and about. I've been too busy sorting out life but I did end up visiting my first trampoline park with my little brother and sister. We went to Mega Jump which is located in our town and it was so much fun. It's not exactly inviting for adults during the day when there are lots of children but I'm hoping they introduce some evenings where it's just for adults because it is so much fun and I'd love to go again!

Rounding up January it's a little depressing to see how little I did in terms of days/nights out or anything but it's also a really super long month in terms of money and it's also a great month for sorting things out. I hope you all had a good January too and it was more exciting than mine! Haha!


  1. I want your white scarf. And the pink lipstick in the last collage. *_*

  2. I really like your hair, it looks really good and healthy! Also those avocados look yummy :D

    - LS

  3. I too have been eating better and trying to exercise more, just so I can gain my engery back and improve my moods! If I eat crap foods, I get into such a crappy mood which I really don't enjoy, so I try to stick to healthy foods but obviously give into a few treats every now and again.

    Isobel x

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    1. That's what I'd like to do too! There are so many benefits to a better lifestyle with exercise and food isn't there?
      Unhealthy foods do the same to me... Weird how it does that isn't it? x