Happy Things #2

Can you believe that in the mid month round up it's only been 3 weeks since Christmas!? It's actually crazy... But it does mean I get to talk about the things that made me happy at the end of December as well as the things that have already happened in the first two weeks of 2016. I've had a hectic few weeks, but I've had a lot to be happy about and have appreciated. Let me share with you what's making me happy right now.
  • The fact that Christmas Day went perfectly. This Christmas couldn't have gone any smoother. You know there's always something that happens on Christmas that annoys or upsets everyone but this year none of that happened at home. It went perfectly and it still makes me happy right now.
  • The New Year. I know it's so cliché but I do love that the months start over again and we're signing things under a new year and it's a GREAT excuse to start sorting yourself out. I am actually being pro-active with this this year and I've been motivated enough to continue my early started fitness goal and I've made significant progress with my blog goals too. New Years make me happy because they're a fresh start for anyone who wants one.
  • My new camera is awesome. For Christmas I got the most amazing DSLR camera. I've never had one and always wanted one, so I was really happy to get one. I appreciate the gift so much, because my boyfriend knows how much I love taking photos for my blog, but because of my new camera I've started to look for things I can photograph just because. I've re-kindled my photography love again and it's great!
  • So is having a fresh new phone and laptop. Between Christmas Day and the New Year both my iPhone and my laptop died. So I started off the new year with a new phone (I was due an upgrade anyway) and a new laptop! I'm so happy to have these because my old iPhone was becoming unreliable anyway and I was well overdue a new laptop. It's so materialistic to say I'm happy about these but they do genuinely make me happy because they help me with everyday life, work and blogging so... Yeah!
  • I finished my paintings for John's birthday and he loved them. If you haven't seen on my Instagram or Twitter, I'd spent the last month painting a series of three paintings for my boyfriend. They took a really long time and it was a special gift I had to keep secret incase he came across it in any of my social media feeds. When I finished them I was so happy and proud of myself and I was even happier when he loved them. They're already up on the wall :)
  • I reached 600 BlogLovin followers this month! I set myself a goal of 1000 BlogLovin' followers by the end of 2016. And to my surprise, I've gained 100 of my followers from that target already in January alone. I've been working hard on my blog and I hope that my increase in followers is because of that. I've re-vamped the blog this month and I'd like to say my photography has improved as well as my content. I'm really trying to be as original and true to myself as possible and I just want to say thank you for following too because you've made my month!
  • The game: Alto I've been playing this game non-stop since I got my new phone. I was looking for a game to play that wasn't my usual thing and I came across this in the app store and since I downloaded it I can't stop playing it. You're basically a little snowboarder catching llamas and doing tricks. It's pretty awesome and relaxing. I love it.
  • Car-eoke. Excuse me while I make a fool of myself singing like I can in my car! Driving to work the past few weeks I've rediscovered my love for singing in the car. I feel like it's a great time to be silly and pretend I can sing! It cheers me up when I'm not feeling great and it's just nice to listen to music sometimes and sing along. I can't explain it properly really but I've been enjoying a good car-eoke session recently.
  • Counting down to my holiday (in 11 weeks and 4 days)! Yay! My holiday is coming along fast and though I'm freaking out that it is, I'm really excited too. I love that I have a proper holiday coming up, it's been a while and I think I deserve it.
So that's it! That's what's making me happy this month. What's making you happy this month. Tell me the littlest things to. I love those. They're the best even...



  1. It's so amazing getting a new camera! I can't wait to see your photos develop as you use your new camera! Well done for reaching 600 followers I know you can reach your goal x

    Nicole x
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    1. Awwww thank you so much! I can't wait to take more photos for the blog now :) xx

  2. Happy new year hun! This is such a lovely post! I can't believe Christmas was that long ago! It's gone so fast already!
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    1. Happy new year! Thank you! I know it's gone all too fast. But it'll be around again quick won't it!? xx