Papergang Unboxing | November 2020

Better late than never? Today, I'm finally sharing with you what's inside of November's Papergang box as well as December's box with two blog posts today! I've been falling a little behind on these unboxings and I did think about skipping November since it's almost two months behind but it was such a beautiful box, I just have to share what we got last month.

A navy box with a floral and leafy blue design with fox illustrations

November's box was Winter Woodland themed and had the most gorgeous artwork I think I've ever seen on the front of a Papergang box! The box was made in collaboration with Papio Press who didn't design the box but have created the pieces with art commissioned by other fantastic artists.

Inside November's Papergang Box

The contents of the November 2020 Papergang box

The colours in this box are just beautiful. The reds, blues, pinks and the gold foiling works so well and I definitely think this might be one of their best boxes yet. The fact that it sold out is also a great indicator of how good this box was going to be too!

A6 Notebook

A black hardback notebook with gold foiled floral, leaf and fox illustration
A lined hardback notebook with a blue ribbon page marker

First, in the box, we had this stunning hardback lined notebook. The cover has the most beautiful gold foiling. There are quite a few pages in this notebook and I think it's a lovely travel notebook. I plan on using this notebook as a positivity journal next year as it's quite chunky but a lovely small size which is perfect for a bedside table notebook. 

Blank Calendar Card

A blank calendar card with a leafy print around the edge

As usual, we've also got a blank calendar card which is so useful for so many things. Now that we're coming to a new year, I plan on using mine to create a desk calendar for my small business to keep track of orders and postage dates! You'll see why I won't be using it as a regular calendar in the December unboxing post.

Now that I've been subscribed to Papergang for over a year, I have so many of these to choose from to suit each month. I can't wait to see how my desk calendar will turn out!

Shopping List Pad

A shopping list pad with a fox illustration on the bottom of the pages

Papergang list pads are probably one of my favourite things to receive in these boxes because I use them the most. I have a few of these around but I don't have one dedicated to shopping so it'll be nice to use this one for my shopping lists! There are also 60 sheets so it could probably last you all year if you used just one a week!

Christmas Cards

A pack of Christmas cards with foxes and a floral print all over

Another favourite of mine to receive are the Papergang greeting cards.Last year, we also got a pack of Christmas cards so it's nice that this seems like an annual thing. I think these are beautiful cards and I love that they are plain too which means they can be used for more than just a Christmas card.

Wrapping Paper

Navy blue wrapping paper with a fox and floral print all over
Navy blue wrapping paper with a fox and floral print all over

In November's box, we also got this gorgeous matte wrapping paper which I've already used to wrap some gifts this Christmas. It's such a beautiful paper that alone, it has the most beautiful effect and needs no bows and ribbons! What I also love is that this paper was sustainably sourced which means a lot to me around Christmas time.

Gold Fox Enamel Pin

Gold enamel fox pin
Last but most certainly not least in this box, was the gold enamel fox pin. It is a stunning pin and probably the prettiest pin to come out of a Papergang box. I adore that it's not just a fox but it has the floral and leafy details seen in all the other pieces that have some from this box. It is honestly stunning and I need to find a new denim jacket to wear it on soon!

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This is one of the prettiest boxes I've ever received from Papergang. I feel like I say that about many boxes, but this is definitely in my top favourites. October 2020's box was gorgeous too and I think November's box is up there with the October 2020 box and the September 2019 box which is the very first box I ordered as my top 3 boxes so far.

This box has a sweet little nod to Christmas and everything in this box is high quality. Having used the wrapping paper already and some of the shopping lists, I can say that it has already been very useful in the month it was intended for and I'm excited to use my notebook from the first of January too as my positivity journal.

As always, if you want to subscribe to Papergang, please use my referral link here as I could get a free box in future thanks to you!  

What do you think of this month's box and which is your favourite item?

P.S. Don't forget to check out December's Papergang unboxing which I also posted today1

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