My Home at Christmas

Having only moved in in August, this is our first Christmas at Number 53. I still haven't talked about my move yet but I'm starting a series in the new year all about our new home now that we're settled in.

Either way, I want to share a little preview of our home at Christmas because I love how it looks and it's made me feel a lot more festive than I expected in these unprecedented times. This year, we've even decorated the outside of our house and along with our neighbours, the street looks beautiful. 

The Living Room

Christmas tree in a corner by a sofa with Christmas cushions
Christmas cushions with evergreen and holly.

This year, we kept up with last year's red, gold and woodland theme for the tree with a few personalised additions I bought from an Etsy seller I found on TikTok which I'll talk about more in a dedicated future post about small businesses I've supported this year. I've also made sure the theme continues around the room and around the house which I'm really happy with.

To start off, I picked up the Christmas cushions covers on eBay a few weeks back and absolutely love the quality of them. I didn't expect much but they definitely were worth the few pounds I paid for them. I only bought two but hopefully, next year, I can buy another two for the other sofa.

I also had to rethink about where we'd put the Christmas tree because originally, we envisioned it by the window at the front of the house. The idea would be that you could see it through the window outside but the layout didn't let that work. Nevertheless, there was a huge space in our living room unused and perfect for the tree. 

Christmas woodland animal lamp post decoration

As for the rest of the decor around the room, I ended up buying an awful lot from B&M this year that goes with a lot of the things I picked up in The Range in years past. There's a clear love for woodland creatures, wood-effect decor and twinkling lights in the middle of it all. I'd hate to admit how many batteries I've been through so far...

Rustic wooden light-up reindeer decoration
Amazon Echo and Candy canes
Rustic garland on a TV unit close up
Wooden Christmas wreath on a door

Christmas Tree Details

Ceramic Santa decoration close up
Personalised feather in a glass heart bauble decoration close up
Christmas angel decoration close up
Christmas sleigh decoration close up
Bauble decoration close up
Christmas Angel decoration close up
Christmas Santa decoration close up

A lot of the fun decorations on my tree have been little additions over the years that mean something to me. John and I have picked up many of these from various places including Winter Wonderland, specialist Christmas shops or they have been made or given to us as gifts. My favourite one is definitely the Santa as it was one of the first ones we got for our first tree 9 years ago. It's also one of the only to survive whatever ate the last lot of decorations last year at our old house...

Kitchen Details

A Christmas poinsettia, Christmas plates with two mince pies on top

My kitchen isn't exactly Christmassy but I've made sure to pull out all the Christmas kitchen decor I have which is mostly from Tesco. They had the cutest woodland-themed range this year and I ended up getting some plates, cake tins and tea towels from there.

Electric hob with a poinsettia and Christmas tea towels

A poinsettia with plant-safe glitter
Christmas hot drinks station with hot chocolate, candy canes and English breakfast tea

This year, I've also got a really little hot drink station. I wanted to pretty it up with pots and all sorts but it's something I'll save to do next year. For now, I made sure I had my candy canes, hot chocolate and marshmallows ready for a hot chocolate whenever we feel like it. I still think it looks cute.

Christmas egg cups - Santa and a Christmas tree
Close up of a Christmas tin, prosecco mini bottles and Christmas egg cups

Outside Lights

Christmas lights in a bush and a snowflake on a wall outside a house

As I mentioned before, this is our first year putting lights on outdoors and we wanted to keep it simple to start off with which is why we went for all cool white lights. John picked all these up from Homebase which did the trick perfectly. It's so lovely having outdoor lights but no one tells you how hard it is to figure out outdoor electricals when it comes to Christmas lights though do they!?

It's been a hard year but little things like Christmas lights and decorations have definitely lifted spirits as I know many of us, including myself put them up over a week or two earlier than usual. Christmas is going to be a little strange this year for many of us. The Tier system in the UK has had some people in lockdown for months and month and the new Tier 4 has cancelled Christmas plans for so many including myself. No matter where you are in the country, I hope you're okay and I hope that your Christmas is lovely whether it's the way you planned it or not.

I'd love to know what your Christmas tree theme is. Have you got a traditional tree or something different? Let's chat in the comments!

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