Papergang Unboxing | December 2020

I can't believe we're here already but we're on the final Papergang box of 2020 and probably one of the last blog posts of 2020 too. It feels like it's been the longest year but it's also felt like a quick one too! The final Papergang box of the year has been designed by in-house designer, Jade Walsh who has themed the box around getting organised for the new year - and wow, I need to be more organised next year!

December 2020 Papergang box packaging

What's Inside December's Box?

The contents of December 2020 Papergang box laid out on a table
The contents of December 2020 Papergang box inside the box
On first impressions, this box looks fun and colourful but not in an over-the-top kinda way. I instantly love that we have a wall calendar and noticed that there's no blank calendar card this month too - probably because we have a wall calendar this time. I also really love the inclusion of a pencil too which I've already sharpened to use.

A5 Art Print

An A5 print with species of plant

Starting off, we have an A5 print which I think is really cute. I love these types of prints where it shows different types of something whether it be species of plant, dog breeds and so on. I think it's really sweet and one I'll hope to find a place for when I set up the wall by my desk.

Roll of Stickers

A hand holding up a roll of stickers with coloured dots
Next in the box, we have this cute roll of stickers which I instantly really liked. I like the idea of having more than just a couple of sheets of random stickers and there's a few nice ones to use here. What's also really nice about these, is that they are slightly see-through so they'll be great to highlight events on your calendar or in a diary! A really clever idea and one I appreciate in this month's box.

Pencil Page Markers

A hand holding up pencil shaped page markers
We also have some page markers this month which I'm also a massive fan of as I use these everyday at work. They're really useful and I've seen the preview of this box use them to point out things on the calendar too. I know I'll get an awful lot of use out of these and they're a fun design too

2021 Wall Calendar

Wall calendar opened up to March 2021 with a pencil and page markers sitting on topWall calendar opened up to January 2021
The 'big ticket' item in this month's box is most definitely the wall calendar which I'm so excited for. We have a wall-calendar in our kitchen but I'm glad to have one to use in my office too for small business and blog things. I really love the design of this calendar and it's a layout I've enjoyed year after year. I'm definitely excited to use this next year!

To-Do List Pad & Pencil

To-do list pad and pink pencil
Last but not least in this box were a list pad and a pencil. I absolutely love a list pad and this one in particular is perfect for day-to-day organisation. I really like the hourly planner column, the space for objectives and a spot to write something you're proud of each day. It gives you a reason to find something good even on a rubbish day!

The pencil on the other hand is just your standard pencil but I think it got a little beaten up in the post as it broke a few times whilst I sharpened it.

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I really liked this box and my favourite item has got to be the wall calendar - it'll be up on the wall before the year begins! Boxes like this make me happy because everything included is so purposeful. I know I'll use absolutely every last thing in here and because the colours and design are versatile, it's perfect for all year round. It's a good example of a strong Papergang box!

I can't wait to see what Papergang bring in 2021. I'm expecting amazing collaborations and more amazing themes as the months go on. If you want to see what Papergang will bring in 2021, you can always sign up using my referral link here and get monthly boxes straight to your door. In my opinion it is so worth it and if you're a stationery fanatic like me, you won't regret it!

Don't forget to check out my other Papergang unboxings under my Papergang categories tab and November's box which I also uploaded today!

What's your favourite item in this box and what themes do you think Papergang have curated for next year? Let's talk in the comments!

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