Papergang Unboxing - September 2019

If anything, I confess to being completely obsessed with stationery. I absolutely love buying new and pretty stationery and I probably spend too much money on new stationery every month. A new notebook here, a pen set there... I have a whole Ikea Alex drawer set dedicated to stationery but I'm not even sorry. I use my mass of stationery every single day for work, blogging and other things at home so I get to enjoy my stationery as well as it being really useful. My love for stationery grows but I want to contain my spend on it, so my friend (who is always a stationery fan) and I came up with a solution: subscribe to a stationery lover's subscription box to contain the spending and still enjoy amazing new stationery pieces every month.

Two letterbox sized boxes with colourful prints on top stacked on a white wooden background.

The Subscription Boxes

I always knew about the Papergang subscription box but never committed to the subscribing. It was only when one of my best friends reminded me about the box and told me she was subscribed that I decided to take the plunge and subscribe myself! We talked about it being a great way to reduce our spend on stationery but still enjoy multiple new pieces every month feeding our stationery addiction.

September's box was my first ever Papergang box but with this month's deal, I was able to get a second mystery box for free which I discovered was filled with goodies from previous boxes. I was really excited to be getting two boxes in my first month and couldn't wait to see what was in my mystery box as I'd admired so many of the previous boxes online before.

Papergang Mystery Box

Overview contents of a mystery box of stationery including paper, stickers and a birthday card.

I was so excited to see what would be inside my mystery box almost just as much as I was excited about September's box. I decided to open this first and was so pleased to see various things from previous boxes that I really liked.

A hand holding post it notes with a dog and the sentence 'whatcha thinking about?'
A hand holding a set of colourful geometric stickers.
A hand holding a birthday card with a camper trailer and a happy birthday sign in front.
A hand holding a red to-do list pad with a wide character. The character has red lines on her tshirts where you would write your lists. There is a small dog in the bottom right hand corner of the pages.
A pink notebook with self care reminders and quotes in circles printed all over the notebook. It is A4 and lying on a white wooden background.
A close up of a pink notebook with round circles filled with motivational phrases.
White paper with blue lines and a space to write the date in a cloud on the top right corner under the word date.

Gemma Correll Post-it Notes - I go through post-it notes like no tomorrow and I find them so useful in my day-to-day life. I really like these because they're simple but fun and leave enough space to write what you need. I've already popped these in my work pencil case for everyday reminders.
Ohh Deer Sticker Sheets - As a bullet journaler, I love a good sticker set and am already thinking about creating a month themed around this colour scheme and geometric shapes. I enjoy how versatile these stickers are but if I wasn't a bullet journaller I don't think I'd know what to do with them, to be honest.
Camper Trailer Happy Birthday Card - I'm the sort of person who collects cards for later just in case I need to say thank you or happy birthday to someone, or if I know a special day is coming up soon so I was really happy to see this card in the box. I really like the design and I was very impressed with the quality of the card too. It's always nice to have cards at the ready simply because it's so nice to give and receive cards whatever the occasion.
Gemma Correll A5 To-Do List Pad - Another thing I use a lot is list pads and so I was excited to see this my mystery box. List pads keep my thoughts and jobs in order so I was glad to have a big one that I could place on my desk at work and use to tick off the jobs as I go along. This is already in full use and saving me from having a melt-down!
Self Help A4 Notebook - If I am totally honest, I am not a fan of A4 notebooks but they are very slowly growing on me. I've never really liked them but the more I use larger notebooks, the more I am liking them. The design of this notebook is beautiful and I thought it would be great to have beside the bed to jot down thoughts and ideas when I need to. My brain is always on the go and sometimes I can't stop thinking before I sleep. One of my best friends does this and it helps her a lot so I might take a leaf from her book ('scuse the pun) and have a go at a bedside notebook myself!

An overview of the contents of a stationery box including post it notes, an A4 notebook, an A5 list pad, a birthday card and some stickers.

Overall, I'm really happy with the stationery goodies from my mystery box and have already began to enjoy them in my day-to-day life. Of all the things I think the list-pad is my favourite following by the post-it notes. I think it was a fantastic mystery box and if you're not sure about the Papergang subscription, I'd highly recommend giving one of the mystery boxes on their website a go to get an idea of what they're like and what has been in previous boxes!

September Box

September's box is in collaboration with the fabulous illustrator, Oana Befort.  She created the pieces in this box with inspiration from garden work and growth and you can really see this just from the cover of the box. I really love the design and was so excited to see what was inside my first month's box.

A box sleeve half pulled away with a vegetable and wildflower print on the front.
A cardboard box open to reveal the contents inside including stationery and scissors.

Upon opening the box, my initial thoughts were: autumn is here. The colours are warm toned and make me think of harvest and wildflowers. I love her style of illustration and the colour choice is just perfect for the coming months.

A hand holding a patch of a cartoon boy with pencils standing up straight for hair.

I was pleased to find the Papergang patch on the top of the box too welcoming me to Papergang. I'll be putting this on my jacket before the week is done! It's so my aesthetic and will look fab on the back of my denim jacket.

A pair of black scissors with large round handles sitting on a cream thank you card with a pink wildflower on the front.
An A5 to-do list pad with a floral pattern on the top and lines to write on underneath.
A hand holding a piece of card with a picture of an orange snail, numbers up to 31 and spaces to fill in the days of the week and the month.
A hand holding an A4 notebook with a vegetable and wildflower design all over and illustrations of people gardening.

Scissors - The first thing in the box that I spotted were these really interesting scissors. I've never owned anything like them and they cut like a dream! I really loved finding something so different and fun in the box and something that wasn't paper-based stationery too. These scissors have gone straight into my desk pots so that I can use them next time I have a project that requires any paper cutting.
Thank You Card - This card is exactly the type of thank you card I enjoy giving. It's pretty, it's simple and sends the message loud and clear. I absolutely love the floral design of this card and that it has plastic-free packaging keeping both card and envelope together without the worry of losing one or the other.
A5 Floral To-Do List Pad - This list-pad is next in line once I finished using the Gemma Correll one I am currently using from the mystery box. The illustration of flowers is absolutely gorgeous and screams autumn. When things are this pretty you don't want to use it but you know you eventually will and enjoy it when you do. It's also one of those stationery essentials you will go through quickly if you're a list writer like me so they're always needed. I wouldn't mind if there was a list pad in every month!
Snail Month Card - I thought this was a cute piece in the box but as someone with a calendar up in the kitchen I wasn't quite sure how I'd get full use out of this. It's very pretty but I could only think of putting it up on my corkboard as a reminder of particular dates and for when I'm planning out bullet journal set up without getting my phone calendar out every 5 minutes. It's not my favourite piece and I'm not sure on how useful it is as a piece of stationery too.
A4 Garden Work Illustration Notebook - This notebook is absolutely gorgeous and I'm desperately trying to find something to use it for that will require me coming back to admire it and use it often. I'm in love with the design and because it's A4, I get to enjoy all the details in the illustrations. As I mentioned, I'm not a fan of A4 notebooks and another reason is because they're not travel-sized. I love an A5 notebook but the A4s are growing on me. I'm hoping I can find something really nice to use this one for. Maybe recipes? Leave any ideas you have in the comments!

An overview of the contents of a stationery subscription box including a notebook, thank you card, month card, list pad and scissors laying on a white wooden background.

For my first Papergang box, I am very impressed and so happy that I made the decision to subscribe to Papergang. Not only have they fulfilled my stationery addiction for the month, but I have a selection of beautiful quality pieces that I will most definitely use on a daily basis. I really liked that some of pieces in this month's box were made from recycled paper and printed using eco-friendly inks or vegetable oils. As someone who's thinking a little more about her carbon footprint and doing my bit to support the planet, this is important to me. It shows that Papergang are also interested and conscious about their impact on the environment and finding alternative products to ones that aren't as eco-friendly. Not only this but in association with Tree Aid, Papergang plant a tree for every 4 boxes that they sell which I think is an amazing thing to do.

A pile of stationery stacked and laying on a white wooden background with the colourful cardboard boxes lying beside them.

Would you recommend Papergang?

Yes! Oh wow, I was genuinely worried that I was going to be disappointed when I ordered and I was so pleased that I wasn't and in fact impressed with the products I received. It's a great way to discover new products, brands, artists and fulfil the stationery addiction monthly without going overboard with the spending. But if my post doesn't convince you enough, I'd encourage you to visit the website, read up on the brand and see the contents of past boxes. It's a fantastic subscription box and one I'll be glad to be receiving and looking forward to on a monthly basis now.

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So what do you think of this month's Papergang box? Considering joining Papergang yourself?

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