Papergang Unboxing | October 2020

I've been subscribed to Papergang for over a year now and I am still absolutely obsessed with this subscription box. Last October, I expected that the box would be Halloween themed but instead, it covered the importance of mindfulness and positivity which was beautiful. This October, we have a light Halloween theme which Jessica Forgie, the artist for this month's box, described as a 'Boho Witch' theme. Everything about this box is beautiful and I can't wait to show you what was inside.

A stationery subscription box packaging

Inside October's Papergang Box

The contents of the Papergang stationery subscription box for October.

Inside this month's box, we have some new things we haven't received before and we also have some favourite classics too. The colour scheme is very natural, light and the illustrations are simply perfect. I love the copper foiling on many of the items and it's contesting to be one of my favourite boxes yet! Jessica has done a fantastic job of giving a nod to Halloween in this box and I think her style of art is fantastic.

Let's take a closer look at what was inside the box this month:

A5 Letter Writing Set

A black A5 leaf printed pad and cream envelopes.
Lined lilac paper and cream envelopes with copper foiling

This month, we received a letter writing set which I haven't had before since I've been subscribed to Papergang. It comes with a pad of A5 lined paper with a beautiful leafy illustration on one corner and a set of off-white envelopes that are embellished with copper foiling. I absolutely love this design and the illustrations aren't very 'Halloweeny' so it's perfect for any time of year.

A closeup of cream envelopes with copper foiling of 'Ohh Deer'

The quality of the set is brilliant and though I don't write letters, it's a great set for the time I might need to or to write notes to people when I send them parcels. And, if I need to, I can always use the envelopes and pad separately!

Blank Calendar Card & Moon Phase Washi Tape

A blank calendar card with a star print over it, black moon washi tape and a sage green notebook

This month's calendar card is simply beautiful and perfect for any winter month. I love the monochrome star print and the colour combination is lovely. 

Black moon phases washi tape unrolled

I love getting washi tapes in these boxes and this month's design is lovely. I love the celestial designs and themes at the moment and this tape has various illustrations of phases of the moon repeated over it which is right up my street. I've used some of it already and the quality of the tape is great, sticking well and staying put.

Greeting Cards

Two greeting cards with a natural and celestial prints on.
I can never get enough of the greeting cards in the Papergang boxes. They're always so beautiful and they can suit so many occasions. The cream one would be perfect as a good luck card and the black one would be lovely for a loved one on a special occasion such as valentine's day or an anniversary.

Stamps, Ink Pad & A6 Stitch Dotted Notebook

Stamps, greeting cards and a notebook

Another new item in this month's box was the stamps and ink pad. Again, since I've been subscribed to Papergang, we haven't received anything like this so I was excited to see it. The designs on the stamps are beautiful and simple. My favourite one has got to be the star because it's so versatile but they're all equally cool.

3 wooden stamps and a black ink pad
3 used stamps and an ink pad with the stamps printed on a dotted notebook

The stamps also came with a black ink pad so that you can use your stamps as soon as possible. I tested them out in a notebook and I think they printed pretty nicely. I did end up getting the edges because I pressed the stamp right into the sponge of the pad. I think after a little practise, I'll be able to print them onto paper more perfectly.

Last but not least, we also got a notebook in this month's box. I've noticed we've recieved more dotted journals recently in the boxes and I quite like that. The notebook is a small A6 stitched notebook with a sage green cover and copper foiling. I think it's a pretty cute notebook and a perfect handbag size. I always need a notebook in my bag and I think I'll be replacing my current A5 notebook for this smaller A6 size to save space!

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I've really enjoyed October's box. The design suits so many aesthetics with a little nod to Halloween without being completely 'out there'. All the items included this month are really useful and different to what we normally get alongside some much-loved favourites. I love the nature and celestial illustrations and designs and I think this is one of Papergang's strongest boxes yet. 

If you want to sign up to Papergang, please use my referral link so that I might get a free box in the future! It's such a great box and you won't regret it, especially if you're a stationery fanatic like I am.

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  1. The washi tape and the stamps are so cool. I love it ! what a great box.