Washing My Hands with Soap Folk's Calendula Soap

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Hand washing is so important right now. It's vital to protect ourselves and others from Covid-19 and with the whole world is washing their hands more frequently than ever, dry hands are quickly becoming a problem for many.

At the moment, I wash my hands at the very least ten times a day on a workday and my hands are quickly becoming drier and drier. I have quite dry skin anyway but more recently, during lockdown and just before the lockdown, I noticed that no amount of hand and skin lotion could help my dry hands.

A tap and soap on a soap dish.

My handwashing routine recently

Right at the beginning, before the lockdown was announced, I started suffering from the excessive but necessary amount of handwashing. The skin between my fingers and around where I wear my rings started to become very dry, crack and become sore and it seemed like no amount of lotion could help fight it. I did find one or two lotions aimed at eczema that soothed my skin a little but not enough to recover from the dryness whilst still washing my hands as often as needed.

When lockdown was announced and I wasn't going to work as often and staying at home meant my hands had a break from all the handwashing. It wasn't long before my skin started to recover and returned to normal. I couldn't be more relieved to have hands that didn't hurt every time I wiggled my fingers!

A tap and soap on a soap dish

Now that I'm back at work full-time, frequent handwashing is back in session and I don't think I could handle the dry skin again. II was dreading having dry hands all the time again so I was really happy when Soap Folk contacted me and asked me if I wanted to try their new Calendula soap that cleanses skin without the drying. If this worked, I was going to be world's happiest gal thanks to hydrated hands.

Soap Folk's Calendula Soap is an unscented olive oil based soap with calendula flowers and moisturising cocoa butter. It's their newest soap made to combat the frequent handwashing and is suitable for all the family.

My review

Within three days of constant handwashing, my hands were showing visible signs of dryness. I hadn't tried the soap yet at this point and I've been using a variety of different antibacterial handwash gels at work and at home. 

Hands holding soap under a running tap

I started to use the calendula soap on the fourth day back at work and have been using it exclusively since when I'm at home. The soap is quite a big bar and so it's going to be long-lasting and the natural scent is just lovely. It also looks super cute in the bathroom.

When I first used the soap, I was happy to see it lather up so quickly. I love a soap that lathers up well and on top of that, it felt really soft and soothing. The soap felt nourishing and didn't leave any greasy or oily residue or feeling when I'd finished. My hands almost felt instantly soothed, soft and nourished after. 

I've used the soap for a few days now and my hands definitely feel more nourished, softer and soothed. My hands are nowhere near as dry as they were within the first few days of being back at work and I'm pleasantly surprised that this soap has worked as well as it's been made to. I haven't got any visible signs of dryness anymore and though I can feel that my hands are a little dry still, the soap seems to be saving my hands from going back to the way they were before.

Hands being washed under a running tap

I can't change what soap I use when I'm at work and so my new calendula soap is going to help combat the beating my hands take from all the antibacterial gel I use. It's definitely made a difference and I know that because I haven't used anything but that. No hand lotions, no other soaps, nothing.

I wish I took before and after photos, (I completely forgot to,) but take my word for it. It works.

The Soap Folk Calendula Soap can be bought for £5.95 on their website which I can imagine might be on the pricer side for some but it's one you won't regret. The bar is absolutely massive too. On top of that, Soap Folk's soaps are all 100% natural and ethically sourced, cruelty-free, palm-oil free and come packaged in recyclable materials only. (No plastics too!) They're also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Soap on a soap dish

Soap Folk is one of my favourite skincare brands because they do so much to be a beautifully ethical brand. Being cruelty-free and palm-oil free is really important to me and the fact they're thinking about their packaging waste too is just amazing. On top of that, their soaps do what they say and I couldn't recommend the calendula soap enough.

Washing your hands is so important to protect ourselves and others from the coronavirus and now, I can keep washing my hands as often as I need to, keep my skin nourished and healthy and looking fab all at the same time. It's a win-win-win really.

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