My Top Five Affordable High Street Fashion Brands

I love clothes and fashion. I love finding a trend that works for me and suits my style and I love being able to pull it off. I'm not one of these people who try to keep up with every trend under the sun, because first of all, I don't like every trend and second of all, I can't keep up with or afford fast fashion.

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Finding affordable brands has become more and more important to me as I've grown older. If you asked me 10 years ago what sort of clothes I'd want to be wearing, I'd be telling you that I want to be in a position where I can afford to go on a full-on shopping spree at the more expensive high-street brands like Topshop, River Island and Oasis and pay full-price, no problem. I know to some they're affordable, but for an average girl like me with a mortgage to pay, a car to run and all those other 'adulty' things to pay for, they're not as affordable to me as I wish they were. I'm a different person now too and what I look for in my fashion is versatility, quality and affordability. I don't want to spend a lot anymore because it's not about the brand for me anymore, it's about how good I feel in my outfit.

Now, I'm the sort of person who gets super excited at a sale, doesn't want to pay full price (unless I LOVE something and see it as an investment piece) and loves a bargain. I want to shop at places that don't put a dent in my bank account and have beautiful but affordable clothing that isn't ridiculously overpriced - even at full price.

Today, I've got five high-street brands that I love and that by my standards are great, stylish and affordable. Who they are won't be a huge surprise, but I wanted to talk about them and why I love them. I think these brands have great fashion pieces at great prices whether it's full-price or sale. I've also chosen brands that I've shopped at time and time again and have always loved.


H&M has been a brand I've loved for many years and I still love to this very day. They do great clothing and my, they do do a great sale! I adore that they're trying to be a more sustainable brand especially as sustainability is becoming a more important and sought after quality from fashion brands. The direction they're going in is great and in my experience, they're sizing has never been a problem and the quality of the clothing is great! I've never had to return anything for being faulty or because of any sizing issues.

It's been a while since I've been out shopping properly, but last year I did end up buying some lovely pieces from H&M that I wear all the time like my denim dress and my favourite graphic tee pictured below.

Denim dress and a white tee with a quote

New Look

A brand I've been showing a lot of love for over the last few months is New Look. During the lockdown, I have ordered two hauls from New Look and fallen in love with everything that I've bought. I've not had to return one thing. New Look are always on top of every trend and are also doing something to become a more sustainable brand which is another reason to love them.

Just like H&M, my experience of sizing and quality has always been positive with New Look. They have a huge range of clothing and I've found that I can always find something that I like at New Look. Right now, their midi dresses are my favourite thing to wear, especially in the hot weather we're having right now.

Girl wearing black polka dot midi dress taking a selfieGirl wearing a white polka dot midi dress


Bershka is a brand that I got introduced to by my aunt in Portugal. I remember going shopping there and thinking "why don't we have this brand in the UK?" Not long after during a trip to London, I discovered the Oxford Street store which I was so excited about because it meant I didn't have to wait for another holiday to shop there. 

I've always been a big fan of Bershka and even though I haven't got many Bershka pieces in my wardrobe right now, it's a brand I've always had a positive experience with over the years. They've got great prices, great sizing and they do a good sale too. One of my favourite things from them is definitely their graphic t-shirts and they do some fab collaboration pieces too. Looking at their t-shirts online now and there are at least 10 that I'd love to have... I'm tempted to do a little haul!

Girl wearing a patch t-shirt

Quiz Clothing

If I want affordable going-out, occasional or summer fashion, I've always gone to Quiz. Their dresses are beautiful and I love how over the years they've moved into more everyday fashion creating some lovely day dresses, tops and even some of the prettiest jeans I've ever owned.

Again, like the brands above, the sizing has never been a problem for me and I love that they have a signature style that is recognisable when shopping there. I have so many Quiz dresses that I've worn to weddings and nights out and one of my favourite pair of heels are from here too. They're a brand that has always saved me when I needed something pretty for a party and I will always turn to for partywear.

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F&F Clothing

I thought for a while about whether Tesco's own brand F&F Clothing counts as a high-street store, but when I googled what is considered a high-street brand, it's anything that can be found on the high-street and I have a Tesco on mine, so it's on the list and one of my most favourite places to find fashion these days. 

There is nothing I love more than going food shopping and finding the prettiest and affordable clothing. I've been a fan of F&F for a long time and they really do have some of the nicest clothes. They're on-trend, they're great quality and I'm never considering whether it's worth the money because they are so affordable. Something that I love about them is that they're clothing is on-trend and suits the gal that wants something a little more... work appropriate I wanna say? I'm not a crop top girl anymore and I want to wear something that is stylish and that I feel comfortable in which I feel F&F clothing offers. I'll always come here if I want to find something stylish and suitable for work.

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There are so many fab high-street brands, but for affordability and quality, these are my top five affordable brands that I would highly recommend to anyone who's looking for good quality clothing that is on-trend and versatile on a budget. As far as I can remember, none of these brands has ever let me down and they've produced some of the loveliest pieces that I still have and wear often in my wardrobe today.

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