What Workwear I Bought from Shein

A couple of things that are missing in my wardrobe are lovely pretty dresses that are perfect for the sunny weather and things that I can wear to work that makes me feel smart and professional whilst still maintaining my own style.

When it comes to my clothes, I like black, white and pastels at the moment. I like things that are high waisted, midi skirts and things that are a little more fun like the blouses I bought from Shein.

Person holding a phone wearing a white blouse and burnt orange trousers.

As my style has changed, I've become (ugh, I hate what I'm about to say) more 'grown-up' with my style I guess? And it means I'm looking at things that are so far from what I used to wear to work. My "workwear" when I was with Miss Selfridge was whatever was trendy at the time. I'd wear crop tops with the matching leggings as a co-ord and all sorts. I didn't care, as long as I was representing the brand and its style.

Now, it's a cross between "what can I wear at work and out of work?" and what represents my style which is quite 'girly' and colourful but also somewhat smart. I don't have a uniform and compared to office wear, my workwear could be considered smart-casual, so I like to make sure what I buy will work for any day of the week. Right now, I'm in the search for new pieces to inject into my wardrobe that will replace old pieces and represent me and my style best which is why I went to Shein.

Person holding a phone wearing a white blouse and burnt orange trousers.

My shopping experience with Shein

I've never bought from Shein and I've always been sceptical of the quality of clothing. It's definitely not as cheap as it used to be but I always wondered what their clothing was like and thought, why not buy a few bits and see what I think.

I ended up getting two pairs of trousers and two blouses along with a dress for my best friend's wedding in August. They came in a matter of weeks despite everything going on and the whole order was tracked. My experience was great with them and I couldn't fault the service.

When it all arrived, it was in little Shein bags with zips. As lovely as the packing was, I couldn't help but feel that the packaging of each piece in a little ziplock bag was a lot. I'll be using them to store pillowcase pairs in though so that I'm not throwing them away.

What I bought:

First up, was this cute white blouse with these burnt orange trousers.

The trousers are high waisted with pockets and oh myyyyyy, they fit like a DREAM. I didn't expect them to fit so well but they do! As so comfortably too. The fabric is lovely and comfy, and the black ones are exactly the same style and fit. They do say, if you like it, get it in every colour. (I plan to.)

I tuck in everything so these trousers were perfect for work.

Person sitting on a bed.Person kneeling down on a bed.

The blouse is super cute too. I adore the sleeves, the pom-pom details and the material is really soft. I really like this and what's great about it, is how versatile it is. It looks fab with jeans, skirts or dungarees. Whatever you want tbh!

The only thing I have to say is that it might require wearing a nude bra or a top underneath as it's a little see-through, but not a lot.

Person holding a phone wearing a pink blouse and black trousers.

The other blouse I got was this very feminine, pink floral blouse which I couldn't resist. I really loved it online and was worried it wouldn't look as nice on me but I absolutely love it. Not only did it look exactly as it did online, but it's also a lovely material and quality that I'm really impressed with.

Person holding a phone wearing a pink blouse and black trousers.

In these photos, I paired it with the black trousers I got but it's a stunner with jeans too.

If anything, this blouse needs a top underneath. It's a sheer blouse but that's something I knew when I bought it so I knew I'd be wearing tops underneath to keep it suitable for work and being comfortable in all round.

Person holding a phone wearing a pink blouse and black trousers.Person holding a phone wearing a pink blouse and black trousers.

My overall experience and thoughts of Shein

I'd just like to disclaim that I have not been paid, affiliated or gifted anything in this post, I genuinely just wanted to try Shein out for myself and see what I thought of their clothing.

First of all, I didn't set myself high expectations because I didn't want to be left disappointed. I've tried from similar brands and have been disappointed so many times and so expected a similar experience. I was really happy and highly impressed to have the opposite and for my experience to be really positive.

Shipping was great considering the circumstances. It was pretty quick. I expected to wait a month (because of the pandemic) but it took less than two weeks for my two parcels to arrive. (The order had been split.) The prices were affordable and the quality of every product I bought is exactly what I expected, if not, better!

Shopping online with Shein can look daunting due to the pages and pages of products which feels like and is a lot. It's a little hard to navigate and some items are duplicated with different prices which can be really off-putting. But on Shein there's something for everyone. There's such a huge range of clothing and I'm certain no matter who you are, you can find something you'd like on there.

What really changed the online shopping experience around for me and made me feel more comfortable with what I was buying was the customer photos. It's such a great feature, especially if you're unsure about how something may look when it arrives or how it'll fit. This really helped me pick out my items and have a little more faith in what I was buying.

Overall, I'm actually really pleased with my experience and I'm keeping everything that I bought. It's given me faith in the brand and I'm already thinking about padding out my dress collection with some new pieces from Shein.

Have you ever bought from Shein before? What was your experience like. Let's chat in the comments or follow me on my social channels!

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  1. I actually love the workwear stuff on Shein but previous orders I've made have not been great with size (mainly in terms of dresses). I've never ordered trousers from them yet but I think after reading this blog post I will! I want to wear more smart casual trousers in the office and have so many saved in my Shein wishlist. Despite the few issues I've had with fit, it's still one of my favourite places to shop online x