Seven Positive Things I've Taken From Lockdown

It's no secret that thousands of us, if not millions, are struggling to deal with lockdown and self-isolation and I, for sure, am someone who sometimes isn't dealing with it all that well. Between developing an unhealthy habit of reading every single news article about COVID-19, being completely paranoid about going outside at all and struggling to stay motivated whilst working from home, there have been some positives I have been able to take away from all this. I hope that anyone reading this isn't thinking that I'm being insensitive and disrespectful because I don't mean to be at all. I'm naturally a very optimistic person and I'm just trying to shed a tiny little light on the very dark global situation we're in. Being forced to quarantine and under lockdown in our own homes isn't nice at all but self-isolation is what's going to make us all safe and able to return to normality again sooner rather than later.

I hope that whoever you are, you are staying safe. And if you are a key-worker, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for everything that you are doing. We're currently living in a time of uncertainty and I feel for every single person around the world because we've all been affected by the virus in some way or another. Let's just try and be thankful for any positives we can take from this.

  1. This might not be good for us, but it's good for the planet
    One of the first takeaways I took from all this is that with less travel and tourism, nature can take a little time to heal. By being forced to stop travelling, we've reduced the planet's carbon emissions and we're not polluting the Earth as much as we normally do. Waters are becoming cleaner and deforestation is currently not happening. If there's one positive thing you take from all this, let it be this one.
  2. Appreciate the many methods of communication
    Being told you can't physically go see your loved ones has led me to end up appreciating technology so much more. I already enjoy technology but more specifically, methods of communication that are out there. Facetime, Whatsapp, Instagram and Houseparty are my four favourite and most used apps right now because they've allowed me to speak to everyone I care about. I've been speaking to my best friends from work daily, my mum, dad and sister have been on Facetime to me more times than in the last three months and I've even spoken to the family in Portugal that I don't normally have regular contact with. It's been so lovely and it's made me appreciate my loved ones and time with them physically that little bit more. I'm even planning a trip to Portugal when this is all over. The lesson here is to appreciate the fact that you can still talk to these people and see them digitally even if you can be right there next to them.
  3. Rekindle a love of hobbies you 'don't have enough time for'
    I have been doing SO many things that I usually tell myself "I don't have time for that". I have been drawing, painting, blogging and gaming so much more than before and loving it. I'm always saying how I don't have time for any of it because of work or other reasons and right now, I'm enjoying the extra time I have for it. I think that when things return to normal, I'll be sure to plan in some dedicated time for my hobbies. If you have a hobby, enjoy having a little more time for it if that's what you want to do.
  4. Enjoy being able to do whatever it is that you want
    A lot of people online have been talking about being productive with your time in isolation, learning something new or coming out with a new hobby but sometimes all you want to do is be a little lazy. I'm definitely not going to come out having learnt a new skill or gained a new hobby but I will feel a little refreshed from having the time to just be and do what I want with my time. Don't feel in the slightest bit guilty for using your time the way you want to whether it's being productive or binge-watching something on Netflix and relaxing!
  5. Spend time with loved ones (that you live with)
    I live with my boyfriend and my hamster and we're all at home all the time. It could be a recipe for disaster but John and I are like chalk and cheese sometimes and he keeps me level-headed and in check whilst I make us cups of tea all day long. It's been pretty nice to spend time with John at home and though we might bump heads, it's been quite nice. We've started watching a new series on TV together, worked out together and enjoyed some quality time just talking. It's been really lovely spending time together and I've appreciated having the time to.
  6. Give yourself me time
    There has been time for literally everything and it's only been two weeks. As well as hobbies, blogging, spending time with a loved one, I've been able to have some time for me too. I've enjoyed a good bath, time reading, painting my nails and I've planned to try fake tanning for the first time because I have everything here and I have nowhere to go and feel embarrassed at so I have literally nothing to lose. This is a great opportunity to have some 'me time' and enjoy a pamper session or some time alone.
  7. You might be saving some money
    I know this is a sensitive subject to touch upon with the current economic situation but one that I felt was worth mentioning. This positive takeaway is one I came upon realising this week. Where I've not been driving and not be buying as much shopping, I know that I've been saving some money. I have been at home for almost two weeks now and the last time I went out was Mother's Day. I have saved so much on petrol already because I've not been travelling to work or to see family and I've had no reason to buy lunch because I can make lunch with whatever I have at home. If you're working from home or self-isolating, this might be something positive you'd like to take from all this. Money is tough at the moment for so many and so every penny counts right now.

Those are the seven positive things I've been able to find and take away from being in self-isolation over the last two weeks. Have you been able to take any positives away from being quarantined? If so, what are they? Share them in the comments below.


  1. Absolutely loved this blog post! Naturally, being that it is a very difficult time for many, it’s easy to dwell on the negatives and forget the somewhat strange positives of our lives being forced to slow down - I’ve also really enjoyed having the time to pick up things like reading, which I previously didn’t have time for!

    Gabija |

  2. Wonderful post! It's great to see some positive takes on the current situation, and I absolutely agree with all of these. Thanks for sharing!