What I REALLY Wore Whilst Working From Home for A Week

I have loved seeing all the casual and laid-back fashion online recently. I've especially loved seeing people talking about working from home in their pyjamas and loungewear because it's reality! I'm that person and I relate! I love wearing a pair of joggers when I'm lounging around at home all day and right now, it's what I do and what I work in.

It was some time last week when I was scrolling through Instagram that I thought about making this post. What if I shared what I REALLY wear to work for a week whilst working from home? That'd be fun right?

I work from home four days a week at the moment and I go to work for one day. It's been nice being able to go to work at least once a week as it's kept me happier, saner and motivated. I also miss being at work so it's nice to have some sort of normality for a day.

This means for at least one day, I have to get dressed in something that isn't joggers!

So, what did I wear this week for work? 


Person holding a laptop
Joggers - F&F, Top - New Look

Monday's outfit was very random but I'd just got some new pieces from New Look and really wanted to wear this cute top I'd bought. Not knowing about the future of this lockdown, I decided that I didn't want to wait for a special occasion to wear this out and dress for myself. I wore this beaut with a pair of joggers that were John's and I kinda like it. I think the colours go at least.
Random but somehow cute?

I also did my makeup almost every day because it's been something that's kept me feeling happier and more normal. It's part of my morning routine and I wanted to keep that. It's also allowed me to be a little more creative and hone in on some of my makeup skills too.


Person holding a mug
Joggers - Missguided, Sweater - Primark

Tuesday's outfit was probably my most casual of them all. I really fancied wearing my cosiest of clothes since I knew I'd be at my laptop all day, and I didn't care about wearing anything fancy. It was nice to put on a sweater and a pair of joggers and just go slouchier and comfier than usual. It was

I really love these joggers by Missguided but I just wish they had a tie at the waist because they're just a little loose.


Person standing holding their hair
Person leaning on a radiator
Top - Topshop, Jeans and Belt - Primark, Cardigan - Oasis (previously gifted)

As Wednesday was my only day out, I had to get dressed in something more than joggers and opted for some black jeans and a comfy look. I put on one of my favourite tops and a lightweight cardigan that I could just throw on if it got a little chillier.

Normally for work, jeans aren't allowed but during this time since schools are only open to provide childcare for keyworkers, no one is in uniform. This is probably a classic "non-uniform" outfit for me to go to work in because it's easy, comfy, fun but still work-appropriate.


Have you noticed a lack of shoes yet? I'm showcasing my odd taste in socks in this post which is colourful, printed and what I'd consider as fun. Having colourful socks sometimes makes it a nightmare to find something subtle to wear with trainers or boots but I have a carefree attitude about it. I'd prefer to have fun colourful socks than just a drawer of plain and subtle socks - nothing wrong with them! Just not an everyday thing for me!

Thursday's look I felt was a little nicer but still really slouchy with another nice new tee that I got from New Look. I think I need more of these though because this is the comfiest tee I've EVER worn. It's pretty too with the frilled sleeves.

Of all the joggers too, this is my favourite pair and probably my most grubby! They used to be John's years ago but I stole them once and never gave them back. They're my go-to for a cosy day in and no matter how ratty they look and how much of the inner fleece is gone, I just can't seem to let go. I really do need a new pair. Desperately.


Person taking a fake mirror selfiePerson leaning on a radiator taking a fake mirror selfie

If we're going with technicalities... I technically didn't work on Friday and didn't realise it was a bank holiday until Thursday. I'd already taken all these photos for this post too so I decided to post what I wore anyway because I would have worn this work or no work!

I hosted a blogger's pub quiz on Friday and decided to get a little dressed up for it (because let's face it, we haven't got many reasons to dress up right now). I wore another new tee from New Look (the third and final tee I bought) which I'm completely obsessed with. I defo saved the best for last. I love this simple graphic and it's so versatile. Make some more like this please New Look!

Again, I did my makeup since I was Zoom calling a group of bloggers and wanted to look nice as the host!

I love this look and it's one I would wear on a Friday usually with a pair of heels or boots for a dinner out. I can't wait to be able to go out for dinner again...

Pinterest Graphic

How it's really been working from home

Working from home has been very strange. I've had up days and down days in terms of my productivity and I'm looking forward to getting back to work. I miss being there and doing what I really do for 6 hours of the day. Though I do work from home at times by choice in the evenings, weekends and during half terms, it's not the same as that.

The positives have been saving some money on the commute, having a little more sleep and getting some things done that I wouldn't normally get the chance to do.

But despite all the positives, I'd still rather be at school teaching little ones about states of matter, how we solve the area of a shape or what a subordinate clause is. It's what I do and I miss doing it.

We'll be back to normal before you know it and when that happens, I want to do more posts like this but about what I REALLY wear to work each week. Let me know if that's something that you'd like. Comment which outfit is your favourite of the week and don't forget to pin this too - it'd really help me out!

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