Papergang Unboxing | April 2020

Unboxing this month's Papergang box was a little bittersweet. This is Papergang's 50th box but also their last box as they pause subscriptions due to COVID-19. Papergang announced on their Instagram that they would be pausing subscriptions until further notice and that hopefully only the May box is affected. It's impossible right now to know when things will return to normal but I'm so glad to hear that Papergang are doing the right thing by their staff members. I don't mind waiting until this is all over for the next box. 

Inside April's Papergang Box...

As I mentioned before, April's box is Papergang's 50th box and so to mark this month's box, they worked with four of their in-house designers to put together this box. This month, there were four box designs available but the contents would all be the same. Looking over the contents, I was excited to receive some different things as well as stationery goodies I love getting from Papergang boxes on a regular basis.  

Luxe Daily Planner

First up, is this planner which has the prettiest fabric covering and design. Inside the planner we have pages similar to other planners in previous boxes. I like the space for notes and doodles and things to do each day. What's good about these planners, is that they offer the opportunity to use them on and off thanks to the blank dates. As much as I love the planner, I'd prefer it to be a plain or lined notebook and only because I've only received a similar notebook in December (just spiral-bound) and as a notepad in November. I love it, I just think I'd like to see more time between planners.
I do although, love the injection of the four in-house artists artwork throughout the planner. It's a great way to include the art into the book in a different way.

Blank Calendar Card

As usual, we have our blank calendar card and I think this month's design is very pretty. I'm a sucker for floral designs and I love that this one is slightly different to the box's theme. It's floral, neon and lovely for the spring months.

Blank Greeting Cards

I adore getting greeting cards in Papergang boxes! In my desk drawer I have a box with cards for every occasion. I have new baby cards, birthday cards, good luck cards, blank cards... I even have a back-up valentine's card! Adding these to my card collection will be lovely and I love that they aren't themed. Sometimes it's nice to give someone a card just to cheer them up which is why I love blank cards that can be used for anything. My favourite has got to be the 'hey you' card. I really love the cartoon design and the gold foiling.

50th Box Anniversary Enamel Pin 

One of the things I love getting in a Papergang box is a patch of a pin. This pin is so pretty and cute. It's a great way to commemorate the 50th box and will look perfect on my denim jacket alongside my other Papergang pin and patch (which I still need to sew on)!

Pen Pot

Something I haven't received in a Papergang box before has been a pen pot and with something so three dimensional, it's not something you'd expect either but it was a lovely surprise this month! I think this pot is so gorgeous and will be lovely to keep all my fine liner pens in since I have so many now. The artwork is gorgeous and the way it comes together is fantastic too. The material is thick and it feels like its going to last well. I'm so excited to pop this on my desk later.

This month's box was very exciting and was a good one too. I love that there were classic stationery goodies in here alongside some new things and a pin. Getting Papergang boxes makes me so happy every month but I'm not upset that the next one is delayed because it's the best thing to do for the team at Papergang and Ohh Deer who do an amazing job with these every month and never disappoint. They celebrate so many amazing artists and give them a spotlight as well as providing stationery lovers everywhere with their monthly fix of new stationery. It stops me going to the shops every month with my urge for new stationery and it also means I'm not uhming and ahhing about what to get!

If you're enjoying this series and want to get Papergang boxes for yourselves, then please use my referral code to subscribe yourselves and get a treat in your letterbox every month. I've never regretted it and I'm sure you won't too. Well... if you're a stationery fiend like me!

What's been your favourite thing in this month's box?

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