November's To Do List

Hello November.

This month, I have a lot planned and I'm really looking forward to being busy in the best way. I thought it might be fun to do a little to-do list here for November and share some of the plans I have as well as some of the exciting things I have scheduled into my month. With Christmas literally next month I need to make sure I'm as organised as possible!

Flatlay photograph of a list pad with a faux succulent in a copper pot on the top left hand corner, two autumnal themed postcards on the top right with a white candle and a pot of copper paperclips on top and tortoise shell aviator glasses above the list pad.

  • Have the ultimate Konmari clearout.
    Something I need to do this month is a huge clearout of unnecessary belongings. I have a lot of things - most of that being clothing and I can't seem to clear it out. I am awful at throwing anything away and I find getting rid of clothing particularly, really difficult. Recently, I've been trying to eBay it all but I think this time, anything I am selling is going onto Facebook Marketplace and we'll see what happens from there. I have had a clearout before which went well, but I need to reduce what I own a little bit more. I've already started with my shoes and I've got twelve pairs in my pile to get rid of. About four pairs I'll sell on but the rest will either go to charity or recycled where possible.
  • Attend blogging events.
    This month I have a couple of blogging events scheduled into the diary which I'm really excited about. Since I got back into blogging again properly, I've been lucky enough to have a couple of collaborations and I have been invited to some events. I'll definitely be sharing those evenings in a future blog post and on my Instagram stories too.
  • Create Christmas content.
    This year I plan on getting my Christmas content in early! I don't think I'll be doing Blogmas again but I will be hopefully posting a lot more frequently with the wave of content I have planned for the season! Watch this space for Christmassy things and if you haven't seen it yet, I have a post about Christmas jumpers up already! (Psst... there's a 30% off discount code for Christmas jumpers there too!)
  • Do some Christmas shopping.
    One thing I want to make sure I am on top of this year is Christmas shopping! I have officially bought my first gift and I plan on having most of my presents bought by mid-December. I'm not going crazy on gifts this year and want to try and get more meaningful gifts rather than trying to get 'the best thing' as I usually do.
  • Finish reading the Harry Potter book series.
    I have been absolutely awful at reading over the last three months and something I wanted to do before the end of the year is to finish reading the Harry Potter series. I admit, I call myself a fan but haven't read the books entirely so I made it my mission to do so before the year ends. In fact, I want to do it all before the month ends and I'm halfway so I've got a good chance of getting there... I think!
  • Bullet journal daily.
    Last but not least on my list of things to do in November is to be routinely in my bullet journaling. For this month I've reintroduced my sleeping tracker and a few other things that I used for day-to-day organisation and journaling so I'm hoping to be a bit more consistent in keeping my journal up to date.

What's on your to-do list this month?

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