Country Pub & Dining Experience at The Red Lion, Welwyn

Last week, John and I had a fantastic opportunity to dine at the recently refurbished Red Lion in Welwyn. We were very kindly invited to the opening night to try their brand new menu and take a first look at their complete makeover.

Me standing in front of the pub, The Red Lion.

The Red Lion is a pub, bar and restaurant located at the heart of Hertfordshire and offers an amazing range of food and drink for everyone. They have a range of menus including a festive menu for the Christmas season, a vegan menu and plenty of options for those who have dietary requirements or simply want a lighter option.

The restaurant and bar have had a complete makeover inside and out and boast log fires, cosy seating areas and a contemporary feel.

The Makeover

The Red Lion exterior at night with the lights and new signage saying Country Pub & Dining Experience
Me standing in front of the log fire inside The Red Lion.
A side view of the dark wood bar inside at The Red Lion.
A overview of the inside of the pub at The Red Lion. There is the bar on the left and high stool seating and the a sofa and armchair seating area to the right.
An overview of the restaurant seating area at The Red Lion
A gold geometric light fitting at The Red Lion

Walking into the pub I felt instantly warm and cosy. The fire was burning and the low lighting was comforting especially coming in from the freezing cold weather. We were warmly welcomed at the door before being given a tour of the place where we were shown where everything was as well as talking about what's changed since the makeover. I was instantly impressed with the decor which is modern, chic and the colour scheme is also gorgeous. It looks like the perfect place to go for a Sunday dinner or a cosy meal out.


The gin bar at The Red Lion containing many fruits in martini and cocktail glasses with spoons ready to self serve.
A close up of my make-your-own-gin drink with gin, tonic, an orange slice and raspberries in a gin glass.
A tall draught beer glass with Asahi beer.

Before we were sat at our table, we went to get a drink at the bar. John went for a draught beer whereas I went straight for the make-your-own-gin-cocktail bar. With the recommendation of the bartender, I put together my gin and tonic with a slice of orange and some raspberries for a Mediterranean inspired gin. I loved the idea of the gin bar and hope its something they do often.

The Country Pub & Dining Experience

A plate with a breaded deep-fried brie and fruit chutney on the side.
A birdseye view of the baked Camembert with four pieces of bread and the fruit chutney on the side.

When we were ready to eat and we'd taken a little look around the pub, we were taken to our seat which was quietly tucked away at the back of the restaurant in a nice quiet spot. We dived straight into the menu and ordered some amazing starters. John went for the Deep-Fried Brie and I couldn't help myself... I got the Baked Camembert which I shared (a little) with John. I'm the sort of person who can't have a starter because she won't finish her main but I just had to try the cheese. Both cheese starters were amazing and set the bar really high. The camembert was baked to perfection and paired with the selection of bread made it even better. John's brie went down a treat along with the chutney and was a great portion size for a starter.

A chicken, leek and creme fraiche pie with pinched sides, gravy in a tiny saucepan and mashed potatoes on a rectangular plate.
Panko breaded chicken with bacon and cheese on top, a cup of chips and gravy.
A plate with large onion rings and soy glazed vegetables.

Starters eaten, we were soon met with our mains. I ordered a Chicken, Leek and Creme Fraiche pie whilst john ordered the Panko Bread Chicken Milanese. We also decided to order some Onion Rings as well as some Tenderstem Broccoli, Asparagus and Green Beans in a Soy Glaze.

John and I were so excited to eat. The starters were impressive and the mains followed the same way. My pie was absolutely amazing. The flavours complimented each other, it was warming, filling and the pastry was perfect. Paired with vegetables and mash, it was the perfect pub dinner for me.
John's chicken also went down a treat. He really enjoyed it and said it was a great classic pub dinner. Both of us felt extremely full after that and enjoyed every bite. Of the two dishes, we both agreed the pie was the winner and something we'd both like to order next time we visit.

A deconstructed cheese cake with slabs of white chocolate, crumble, blackberries and red fruit sauce covering the chocolate.
A chocolate sphere with white sauce over and a ball of vanilla icecream.
A broken chocolate sphere showing a chocolate and hazelnut mousse inside.

Last but not least, dessert was served and John and I ordered very different things. I decided that I'd like to try The Ambassador's Melting Chocolate & Hazlenut Bomb whilst John went for the White Chocolate Cheesecake Tower. Normally John is the one delving into chocolate whilst I pick something lighter and fruiter but we went for something different for us.

The chocolate bomb tasted lovely but I think I had higher expectations for it. The inside was beautiful and the flavours were rich and indulgent but I think I expected a more entertaining experience because the bomb didn't really melt. It wasn't a problem in terms of flavour but I felt if the chocolate ball was a little thinner or the sauce was warmer, it'd melt easier giving the desired outcome. I ate every last bit of it though and was glad I tried it.

John's cheesecake tower was probably the better of the two. The white chocolate was beautifully paired with the fruits and we loved the deconstructed look of it. Every element of cheesecake was there but without the classic cheesecake look.

John and I are dessert people so when we visit again we'd probably try two completely different desserts. John said he'd try the Home-baked Triple Chocolate Cookie whereas I'd love to try the Creme Brulee or Lemon Meringue Flamed Alaska.

Would we go there again and recommend it to others?

A close-up of The Red Lion's business card and their contact details.

The answer is simple: yes and yes. If you're passing by Hertfordshire or your local to the area like us, then I'd definitely recommend a visit. The menu is absolutely gorgeous and is probably one of the best meals out I've had in a while now. The Red Lion is a beautiful place and located on the outskirts of Welwyn on a quiet road. It's a place I'll definitely return to for a Sunday lunch or another date night with John gladly. If you're considering a visit, you'd be silly not to go!

For details on how to get there and what's available on their menu, you can visit their website or call the number on the card above!

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  1. This is near me and whilst I've heard of The Red Lion in Welwyn, I've never been. Looking at the food pics in this post, this will definitely have to change! That chocolate bombe looks incredible! <3