Personalised Chocolate Advent Calendar from Morse Toad

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It's pretty official: the Christmas season has begun and I'm getting super excited for all the festivities and to be writing all the Christmassy content I have planned this year. Today, I've got a new, personalised, chocolate advent calendar from Morse Toad that I was kindly gifted to share with you. No matter how old you are, an advent calendar is a must! It's the best way to count down the days to Christmas and something to look forward to every day. 

An advent calendar with a blue background and a red postbox covered in snow on the front. There is a frog with a Christmas hat on top of the postbox.

Who is Morse Toad?

Morse Toad is known for its personalised chocolatey treats and has an amazing range of stocking fillers and gifts for every occasion. It's a great idea to get a message written out in chocolate. Not only is it thoughtful but it's also fun and edible! I'd be extremely happy to have a message written out in chocolate as a gift.

Their personalised chocolate advent calendars are an incredibly good idea and I decided to make mine out to my boyfriend John. I didn't quite know what to have as a secret message and I decided not to go for anything cheesy but a little fun instead. I googled a few Christmassy quotes and found a line from a Christmas film that I always enjoyed. Luckily enough, it fit in the 30 character limit and I just hope John remembers what film it's from!

A close up of the blue advent calendar and the numbered windows which are in order from left to right and top to bottom.

The Personalised Chocolate Advent Calendar

The calendar comes in a classic advent calendar cardboard box with a fun festive postbox design on the front. As well as the design, on the bottom of the box, there's a section to write out the letters from your advent calendar's secret message as you open up each window. Some windows include two chocolates and in the middle, there is a window for 25 which contains a larger chocolate in the shape of Santa Claus himself!

One of the nice things about this calendar is that when you order it, you can include more characters than there are windows because there is the possibility of having two in one window. Spaces are counted and are replaced with a star. The windows are also opened in order from top to bottom which means there's no searching around for the next window. I know some people like the order of the windows like this because then all the weight stays distributed in the calendar too.

Inside the calendar

A close up of the blue advent calendar and the windows on the left hand side of the calendar.
A preview of the chocolate in the plastic tray inside the advent calendar with the personalised secret message: You Cotton-headed Ninny-muggins.
A close up of the chocolate letters in the tray. Some sections have one chocolate and some have two.

As you can see, the message I went for is a quote from the infamous film: Elf! "You Cotton-headed Ninnymuggins!" I absolutely love this film and thought it'd be fun to use a famous film quote in the calendar. I don't think it'd be obvious what the message is in the first few days too which will be nice.

The chocolates are surprisingly big and look like great quality chocolate. The letters are clear and the container that holds the chocolate is well made keeping all the chocolates in place. I don't think there will be anything falling from one window to the next in this calendar which is nice to know. It sounds so silly, but the little ridges in the plastic so that you can get the chocolates out with ease is a fab touch. There's no poking the back of the packaging to get them out here!

A close up of the bottom of the advent calendar where you would write the secret message as you open up the windows each day.
A mock-up of the bottom of the advent calendar with the letters of the secret message edited on top to show how it would look when the message has been written.

Is it worth it?

I honestly can't wait for John to open this up as we get closer to Christmas. It's a lovely gift for a family member, friend or loved one and a fun alternative to your classic advent calendar. At £13.95 for 145g worth of chocolate, it is a bit more expensive of an advent calendar than I'd expect to pay for and did make me wince a little bit when I saw the price tag. That said, it's the personalisation that makes this calendar special and worth spending a little more on. I think depending on how this experience goes depends on if I get another one of these in future and will help me decide if this calendar is worth £13.95 but from the reviews I've seen so far, it's looking pretty positive.

Now, I haven't tried the chocolate myself because I'm giving it to someone else for Christmas, but once John has tried it, I'll be sure to update this post with his thoughts on how the chocolate tastes, the size and how he's feeling about the experience overall.

What are your thoughts on this advent calendar? Would you buy someone a personalised advent calendar and what would your secret message be? Let me know in the comments, tweet me @CatttSays!

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