Papergang Unboxing - November 2019

I can't believe I'm on my third Papergang subscription box already. I've thoroughly enjoyed receiving these over the last few months and I'm in awe over the illustrations for this month's box. The theme this month is Hygge and was designed by illustrator Kong-Yew Wong. It's a fabulous winter theme which is perfect for the season ahead of us. Keep scrolling to find out what was in this month's box...

A box with the word 'papergang' cut out of the sleeve with a snowy forest design.

A gold foil washi tape on a cosy that says 'Stay Cosy' on the front.

The first item in this box is the golf foiled washi tape which is perfect for a bullet journaller like me. I absolutely love using washi tapes in my bullet journal, for scrapbooking and sometimes to wrap presents. I may have too many washi tapes in my collection right now but I don't have a great quality gold one like this there yet so it's lovely to be able to add one in.

A cork coaster with the words 'Stay Cosy' in the middle and illustrations of building in the snow around it.

The next item in this month's box is this adorable 'Stay Cosy' coaster which I was so happy to see in the box. I'm a huge fan of coasters and cannot put a drink down at home without one. I love the design of this coaster and think it's perfect for Christmas and the snowy season. I was also really pleased with the quality of the coaster. The cork is thick, solid and the design is well printed on the top.

Wrapping paper with a snowy forest scene printed on and snowy buildings. Three Christmas tags with the same design are on top.
Three Christmas tags with gold foiled words and various forest themed winter illustrations.

 Next in the box, I discovered these two items which are a beautiful set of Christmas tags and the most fab quality wrapping paper. Not only are the designs perfect for Christmas and my usual Christmas aesthetic but they're also recycled and made in a more environmentally friendly way than traditional wrapping paper. It uses eco-toners and vegetable-based inks - perfect for those like me who want to be as eco as possible!

A pack of winter forest themed Christmas cards. The front design is Santa Claus on skis.
Three Christmas Card designs showing Santa on skis, a seal with presents on his head and snow covered house in a snow globe.

Possibly my most favourite item in the box is this set of 6 Christmas cards. Though small, I feel these cards are a little more special and have the cutest designs. If these came in packs of 20 or 30, I'd buy them for all the people I write cards to! My favourite of the three designs is definitely the seal with presents on his head... too cute!

A minty blue list pad with a forest winter designed illustration on the bottom.
A close up of a minty blue list pad. It has a to-do section, doodles section and notes section.

A popular item in these Papergang boxes are the list pads and something I'm glad to see in each box. I love a list pad and find them so useful. I like that this one has space for notes and doodles too as I often doodle when I talk to people whether I'm on the phone or not... it's my odd way of concentrating. I can't wait to use this list-pad around Christmas time!

A month of the year card with a bright blue snowy design.

Last but not least, we have our month card which is blue and snowy themed this month. Though a simple design, it's cute and I feel better than last month's design. I wish I knew how to display these properly though so I could maximise my use of them.

An overview of all the items in the Papergang subscription box.

Final thoughts

This month's box is probably my second favourite of the three I've received so far after the September box for design. For the purposefulness and usefulness of the items within the box, this is my favourite because I can definitely see myself using all of these before the year is up. I mean, how could I not? That wrapping paper is amazing! I give this box two big thumbs up.

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What's your thoughts on this month's box? Do you like the design? Will you be subscribing yourself?

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