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The festive season is coming and I am so excited to be writing my first Christmassy blog post of the year! Today, I've collaborated with to share with you the three latest additions to my Christmas jumper collection (and give you a cheeky discount code at the end of it). If you didn't know by now, I'm a huge fan of Christmas jumpers and currently have about eight in my collection so I was really excited to be working with IWOOT to add three more to it this year.

I love to spend the majority of the two weeks before Christmas in festive jumpers and have fun styling them with jeans for a casual look, or skirts for something more festive or quirky! Today, I've styled them all with jeans to show off their brilliant designs which are only three of many on the IWOOT website. Inside the jumpers, they are super cosy and warm with a soft fleece lining which is perfect for the cold and icy December weather. They're all-round great quality jumpers and have a great fit for everyone.

Hufflepuff Christmas Jumper


First up, we're going to start off with my favourite jumper of the three and the one you could get away with wearing earliest and most in the festive season. This Hufflepuff jumper is just perfect for Harry Potter fans and they have them for every house! So whether you're a Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff like me, there's a jumper for you. I can imagine wearing this one would be perfect for evenings in reading Harry Potter on the days up to Christmas or whilst having a Harry Potter movie marathon with some friends.
IWOOT have got a huge range of Harry Potter themed Christmas jumpers which are all licensed too. It was tricky to choose just one but I knew I have this one. There are others that are a lot more Christmassy themed but I felt this one was perfect for me and subtly Christmassy!

Fa la la la la la lamingo Christmas Jumper

Next up, we have a jumper with another one of my favourite things: puns. I am well known by friends and family for having the worst sense of humour and even more so with a pun. I love jokes, laughing and puns are the best kind of wordplay which is why I chose two jumpers that had Christmassy puns on them. This jumper is the first one that caught my eye and made me instantly laugh. I love the idea of turning something that isn't that Christmassy into something that is and I feel like brands have been doing this with flamingos a lot over the last couple of years. I really like it and think it's fun. It also matches my Christmassy flamingo phone case I have from last year.

Fleece Navidad Christmas Jumper

The last jumper I chose was this adorable llama jumper which has been a growing trend in 2019. It seems everything has llamas on it these days including this great jumper which plays on the Spanish for Merry Christmas! I teach Spanish to my class weekly too, so it made me giggle for that reason and on top, it's just a cosy and super cute jumper.

All these jumpers are equally as awesome as the next and as a fan of sweatshirts, I think they're a great alternative to the knitted Christmas jumper which I know some people aren't the biggest fan of. IWOOT have a huge range of designs which suit many fandoms like Super Mario, Avengers and Disney as well as some fun Christmassy puns. I'd definitely recommend taking a look and the finding Christmas jumper for you because they definitely have something for everyone.

IWOOT have also kindly given me a fab discount code just for you guys which will give you 30% off all Christmas jumpers on their website. Use the code below which is valid until Christmas and enjoy! What Christmas jumper will you pick?

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