Happy Things #12

It was only a year ago that I decided to start creating these happy posts and they've always helped me smile and reflect on why a day, or the month in general hasn't actually been that bad when I may have thought that it was. There's always some good to see in each and every day and that's why I love writing this post each month or so. I know I'm being uber cheesy by saying all this but it's true.
How about you check out what's been putting a smile on my face this past month.

Advent calendars - Tis the season for advent calendars and I love this time of year for this. What a better excuse for a daily dose of chocolate than a countdown to Christmas! Even down to finding which door beholds the next day's chocolate makes me happy.
Walking the dog every Saturday and Sunday morning - A very unlike me thing to do is waking up early on the weekend but for the last 6 weeks that's exactly what I have been doing. Recently I've been getting up and going on walks with John and his dog Dodger every weekend and though it's not usually my sort of thing, I've been enjoying it quite a lot. I love the cold mornings at the moment, getting into my wellies and just being outside. It's nice and now I'm writing this I'm sure I included this in my last Happy Things post.
Finishing my essay - I am finished for essays! Just a week ago I handed in my final essay. I'll be honest, I don't think I'm very good at them, but I don't mind writing them. It's been a stressful time juggling work, studies and essay writing but I think I managed it well and I'm really glad to have it done and handed in. It's a relief, but now it's the results waiting game...
Drinking tea from my favourite mug - Everyone knows what it's like to drink out of your favourite mug or glass. For me at the moment I am loving my mug from YouTuber Gabriella's Primark range. It's super adorable and I love that it's different because it's a glass mug. Just something about drinking from a new and favourite mug makes me happy.
Ping-pong tournaments with my little brother and John - The other week my little brother decided to pull out our mini ping-pong table and play ping-pong with John. With all the technology we have these days it's easy to forget the competitive and fun games that don't involve technology like this one. It was lovely just to play a regular game and play together. It's been lovely and I can't wait to do this again!
Christmas decorations - Christmas is one of my favourite times of year and one of the things that gets me excited for Christmas is putting the decorations up. This year my mum's bought a real tree for the kitchen along side our usual tree which sits in our living room. On top of that, John and I have our tree and all this decorating has got me really excited for Christmas. I love decorating and love that I've had the chance to decorate so much this year.
Painting my nails - There has been something therapeutic about painting my nails over the last few months and it's been a really nice and calming activity to get on with. Not only have I mastered how to get my nails longer than they ever have been, I have rekindled my love affair with the possible hundreds of nail polishes I actually own ♥
Cheese and crackers - I don't know what's happened recently but I'm really enjoying a good cheese and cracker combo. It's a really good snack when you don't want to eat properly and with the right selection of cheeses, I am a right happy gal. And this is for someone who's usually a sweetie queen. Cheese and crackers have been my guilty pleasure this month for sure.
Getting into a really comfy jumper - Last but not least I've been through possibly every jumper in my wardrobe this month. Yep, I know. Including Christmas ones. It's been really lovely to get into a nice, warm and cosy jumper especially when it's so cold outside. If you know me well, you will know I don't do the cold so this is probably what I'm most happiest about at the moment.

What makes you happy this month?

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  1. Id love to be able to get up everyday and walk the dog as its such a refreshing and positive thing to start the day with. The things I've been happy about this month is surprisingly having more hours at work and spending the time getting all festive with making Christmassy arts and crafts with the children at work :) that's what's been making me feel the most festive as well as drinking loads of hot chocolates hahaa

    Isobel x

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