November Favourites

What Cat Says - November Favourites
Wow. Picking my favourites this month was hard! I could think of what they were for once, rather than narrowing them down to 5. Thinking about the things I've been enjoying this month, most of them aren't physical favourites. Like the Once Upon A Time series, the new Cinderella and getting ready for Christmas! But I wanted to be able to show you some things, so I finally picked this month's five and I'd like to share them with you today :)

What Cat Says - November Favourites

FFS Cationic Shaving Cream - If you saw my review on this, you'll know how much I love it already but I had to add it into my favourites. It's kept my legs super smooth this month and I adore how easy it makes shaving! If there's would only be one subscription box I recommend, it's the Friction Free Shaving one, for this awesome shaving cream and a great razor too!

Sleek Brow Kit in Dark -  As you can see, I've had this kit a very long time and this month I'm super grateful for it as well as worried I'm running out quick. I unfortunately have had a little discomfort with my eye makeup recently due to using some old make up that needed throwing out. My own fault really but I dehydrated the skin around my eyes leaving me makeup-less around my eyes for the last week or so. But with my foundation base, light colour lipsticks and my brow kit I've felt a little more myself. Especially with my brow kit. I love I and I really recommend this one. It'll be a repurchase when I need it.

What Cat Says - November Favourites

Tartan Scarf - It has finally become scarf weather again and a reoccurring scarf in my outfits week in and week out is this beige tartan scarf from Miss Selfridge. It's long, it's chunky, it's soft and it's tartan. I absolutely adore it and I want more scarves like this. It's been my favourite thing on a cold day indeed!

Mince Pies -  This is terrible. The mince pies are back and I absolutely love a mince pie. So much so I can't resist one when I see one is on offer. Just this Wednesday, I had an amazing mince pie at the #JohnLewisChristmas event and I'm thinking of taking a trip to Waitrose just to get more of them!

What Cat Says - November Favourites Agenda - My life saver this month ♥ This thing is probably my favourite for the year. I have never used a diary so much in my life than I have with this one and if it weren't for this diary, I wouldn't know what I'm doing the next day ever. It helps that it's a beautiful diary to look at, and the pages are all a good size and have fun things to look at. It's jam packed with all my goings on for both work and blogging and I just really appreciate the money I spent on getting this diary for the next year. Love it ♥

What have been your favourites this November?

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  1. Is Agenda a daily planner? Daily planners suit me well and this year I was able to keep one and use it for the whole freakin' year. What an achievement! :) I like your planner, btw. It's so cute and so feminine. :) Although, I'm thinking of having a bullet journal next year in order to use my never used journals just because I'm such a journal hoarder. Hahaha! :D

    Augustin Ra / Indie Spirit