25 Things That Make Me Love Christmas

What Cat Says - 25 Things That Make Me Love Christmas
So I'm kinda falling back on Blogmas already, but I will admit I cheated and scheduled for this post to go live just before midnight. I did start writing it before midnight so that makes it okay right!? It's been a bit of a struggle juggling all my work, studies, life stuff and my decision to blog everyday up until Christmas but I'm really determined to make this work somehow. Even if it means posting my Blogmas posts around midnight. Christmas has got me pumped! And I thought it would only be right to share with you the 25 things that make me love Christmas and get me happy and excited during the run up to Christmas. Enjoy! ♥
  1. Christmas DIYs. This year I have already been particularly loving the Christmas DIYs! I have made three stockings and a Christmas jumper already. I found a bauble to DIY and I also really want to make some of my Christmas gifts this year.
  2. Christmas cards. Getting them, writing them and giving them. I actually love Christmas cards and find it's one of the fundamental things you just have to do at Christmas time!
  3. Candy cane. I'm a candy cane addict. So much so that I've already bought a pack of 8 and I have no intention of sharing them out. If there's one sweet I want at Christmas, it's candy cane!
  4. Gingerbread houses. One of my new favourite things to do at Christmas. But I am one of the people who do eat it afterwards. I love buying a gingerbread house, lots of sweets and icing and putting it together. It mixes my love for food, art and symmetry perfectly.
  5. Decorating the house. One of my favourite not-Christmas but Christmas related days is decorating day. Usually in the first 3 days of December at my house. We get out the tree, all the lights and go mad. My house isn't finished just yet but I have most of it up. I can't wait to finish it entirely!
  6. Christmas jumpers. I have a total of about 7 Christmas jumpers now and I absolutely love each and every one of them. You're going to adore my newest addition I created at the #JohnLewisChristmas event I attended last week! It'll be up on the blog very, very soon!
  7. Shopping. Any excuse to shop! But what I love more about shopping at Christmas, is that I have a real full on reason to  shop. It sounds weird when I wrote it out, but I hope you know what I mean.
  8. Giving gifts. Probably one of the top, top things about Christmas. I absolutely love giving my friends and family gifts and the best part is the reaction. I get really anxious and worried sometimes, but when they love it I know it was all worth it.
  9. The stuffing and trimmings. I love everything about a Christmas dinner but  the turkey. I know. I'm sorry to all you turkey lovers out there, but it's with any roast really. The things I look forward to most in my Christmas dinner is the stuffing, pigs in blankets, parsnips and all the other beautiful trimmings. For me, those are the best bits and I can't wait for that dinner again.
  10. Christmas songs. My favourite one right now is Ariana Grande's Santa Tell Me. I am in the process of making my Christmas CD for my car and that'll be top of the list on my CD.
  11. Christmas adverts. Every year I look forward to the adverts at Christmas. Who's got the most fun advert, who has the loveliest message and this year I'm a bit stumped for my favourite. I love the John Lewis, M&S, Sainsbury's, Aldi and Heathrow advert this year. They're all pretty awesome for different reasons.
  12. Christmas eve. For me, Christmas Eve marks the day my parents stop working, people calm down and all peace is restored for a little while. It's such a lovely day and for my family it's tradition to have a Chinese on Christmas Eve - another reason I like this one.
  13. Dreaming of a white Christmas. Who doesn't right? I wait for the day I have a white Christmas, or maybe even a white birthday. I'll settle for that being a near-Christmas December baby.
  14. Outdoor decorations. One of my favourite things to do around Christmas time is drive around and spot all the houses with lights outside. Some people do some amazing displays worth driving out to see!
  15. Ornament shopping. A tradition John and I have done since our first Christmas. It's coming up to our 6th Christmas now, and every year we buy a new decoration for out tree. We have a theme so we always make sure we buy something that fits well with it. We have our tree up now, but we're still yet to buy the new ornament. It'll be something special for sure!
  16. Being with family and friends. The main reason I love Christmas I think. It's the time of year you really start thinking about and appreciating the people around you. I make extra effort in the holidays to see all those people I care about.
  17. Time off. Yep. Being a teacher means I get a nice chunk of time off during the holidays. It's not all spent doing bugger all, but I like having a week just doing no work at all. I really appreciate having that no-work down time.
  18. Christmas cracker jokes. I'm a sucker for bad jokes and puns so I love a good Christmas cracker joke. Honestly. Send me some in the comments. I'll tweet my faves and tag you in it! ♥
  19. Christmas Films. Like Elf, Home Alone and What A Wonderful Life. Christmas films are great to watch, even when it's not Christmas. Next on my list is Home Alone. Gotta watch that at least once. Especially since I've ticked Elf off already!
  20. Advent calendars. Chocolate. Chocolate everyday until Christmas! What's not to love about that?
  21. Waking up on Christmas morning. This is when I become a kid again. I love this time of the day. I get to wake up, make myself a tea, start the fire, wrap up warm and get ready for present time. That's after my little brother and sister have bounced everyone awake and out of their beds!
  22. All the Christmassy things us bloggers do. I love it when people do Blogmas and Vlogmas. I love all the Christmassy themed videos and posts and it really gets me excited. I'm also super nosy so I like seeing what other people do when Christmas comes about.
  23. Tinsel and lights. I know I mentioned decorating and all that already but I particularly love the lights and tinsel on a Christmas tree. I don't know what it is about them, but I really love them. They really make a tree!
  24. New things. I can't lie. Presents are always good. Whether it's a new pair of socks, a set of pyjamas or something I've always wanted. I like getting new things and appreciate that people thought about getting me these things!
  25. The magic. Everything about Christmas is magical. Santa Claus, reindeer, the nativity, traditions, Christmas day itself, everything. I love all there is about Christmas and no matter what happens or how old you are, Christmas always feels like a magical time. And that's what makes it so special.
What do you love about Christmas?



  1. Yes, Christmas!! I love giving gifts, it makes me so happy. One thing I would add to this list for myself would also be wrapping gifts! I'm an art student and creating a theme for wrapping my gifts is so fun. I spend so much time perfecting my gift wrapping. A white Christmas sounds so awesome, but I always get worried because we have dinner at our house and I don't want the snow to stop my family from coming over. I love all things Christmas!

  2. The cards, giving gifts, the dinner and being with family and friends with the christmas music blasting out is what I love most <3 you got me listening to Ariana Grande now Cat xD

    Isobel x

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