What Cat Wore | Cat in London

Tee - Topshop // Jeans - Miss Selfridge // Cardigan - River Island // Converse - Very

I completely forgot how much I love my stripey cat tee, so when I saw it at the bottom of my suitcase I just had to wear it on my day out to London when I went to get my passport sorted and do some casual retail therapy. I bought it in the Topshop sale last year and can't believe I forgot about it, especially with it being so much of a favourite last summer. I don't think I've even blogged it yet bearing in mind the many times I've worn it. I love the mash up of stripes and cute doodle cats all over it. Totally adorable.
I decided to wear it with my latest denim addition which are these great slash knee jeans from Miss Selfridge. I'm obsessed with the slash knees with these being my second pair like this; And though I've been looking into getting some with more rips in, I love the simplicity of these ones - not too much. And I've been dying for a new pair of nice black jeans since my Joni's are basically grey now.
I also am totally in love with what my boyfriend keeps calling "my cape" which is this super long draping cardigan from River Island. I've been wearing it non-stop with everything. I can't help it - I get like that with cardigans and I don't know why. Sometimes not even I get me...

I'm loving all the new denim coming out at the moment. There's so many new styles of jeans, and denim dresses, etc. I've always been a big denim girl if you haven't noticed yet and I can't help but feel some hot denim fever coming on. Bring me all the ripped jeans, denim jackets and skirts! I want it all....


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    1. Thanks! :) it's a lovely top isn't it? Xx

  2. Thanks such a cute tee. I remember it being in store and regretting not buying it. <3

    1. Aww no! Well maybe you can track it down online somewhere! Xx

  3. Cutest t-shirt!


  4. Thanks such a cute tee. I remember it being in store and regretting not buying it. <3