Visiting The Small Town Of Rye

This week was my first week off work for 6 months. A well deserved break even if I say so myself! We went to Hastings and stayed in a lodge, very similar to the one we stayed in this time last year which I blogged about here and visited all the surrounding towns. We went to Hastings' seafront, Brighton and Rye.
 It was only natural to want to escape everything for a little bit, including the internet, and though I did intend on blogging about my entire time away, with outfit posts from each day and even make a vlog; It felt like effort and too much work when all I wanted to do was relax to the absolute max. So I decided not to for myself. With not having had any time off and it being just me and John for a while - I put my camera in my bag and said to myself I'd only take it out when I really wanted to capture something, and the only thing I wanted to truly capture was this trip to a local town called Rye. So I did.

This tiny town is absolutely beautiful and as small it may be it was worth a visit. With all the history and little independent shops, it was just lovely to walk around. The only branded store around apart from the banks was a little Boots and the rest were independent businesses which was enjoyable to look around. The cutest shops were the ones that looked like homes, with the prettiest arrangement in the windows.

Walking around, I was admiring all the beautiful homes, with pretty gardens and windows leading onto cobbled streets. Because it was on a hill too, the views were all really pretty and the streets wound round in a way you didn't know where you were going to end up next, but I loved that. 

We had chips from a local fish & chip shop for lunch too - typical coastal lunch of course, and sat on the benches overlooking the view. It was lovely and quiet too so it was a perfect relaxation spot. We soon moved on as the wind picked up though!
To finish up our day in Rye we took a stroll around the castle, though it being quite a small one. It wasn't the best one, but we still enjoyed it anyway, learning about the local history and finding out if we're strong enough to be an archer. I'm not, boo.

A simple day out, but nevertheless my favourite day this week. I'm a sucker for a quiet day out in an unknown town. Though I love the beach and all the things to do around the coast, sometimes it's a little inland that you find the local gems and this is one of East Sussex's gems. If you're going to East Sussex, it's definitely worth a visit for a very relaxing and different day out.

CAT xo
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  1. This looks like my perfect day out and such a pretty place too :) Gisforgingers xx

    1. It's a very pretty place, glad I visited it! Xx