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Last Wednesday I was lucky enough to attend Bloggers Love Fashion Week in London. #BLFW featured a bunch of amazing brands, most of which I'll be honest and say I'd never heard of. But I spent time with a lot of the brands finding out all about the products and collections they were showcasing at the event. I unfortunately could only attend the one day so I missed Thursdays shenanigans, but I'll be sure to catch up on other's blogs!

I didn't take that many photographs, just because I spent so much time walking around chatting and enjoying the event, and I couldn't quite catch the girls in the fashion show very well with my camera. But I thought it would be nice to share the few photos I did take, and what they're all about.

Magnitone - This was one of the first brands I had a good long chat with. They told us all about the Magnitone, what it does and the benefits of using this device which I'm seriously considering investing in! It sounds amazing, and if the demo they gave us isn't proof it works enough I don't know what is! 

Kryptik Rose - As part of my day job I keep up to date with trends and future fashions, so I was always going to ask what Kryptik Rose's newest collection was about! After a lovely chat with the founder, she told me all about their new collection which is all about loving yourself and the slogan tees and graphics that would be promoting that when worn. I love this theme, and the fabrics in these tees and crop tops is amazing, so of course I was super happy when she let me have one, and also one of the tote bags too! I can't wait to show them off in an outfit post!
Gossimer Wings - This company has created jewellery for the likes of Jessica Alba, Katie Price, the girls on TOWIE and has appeared on LFW and all over the magazines and TV. They jewellery is amazing, and the prices are too! Loved the bath display also.

Umberto Giannini - Who doesn't love hair products with pretty packaging. After chatting with Isabelle about how good the packaging was, we ended up chatting to one of the girls at the Umberto Giannini table where she was telling us all about their newest products and what suited us best. I ended up going for the Scrunching Jelly because unruly curls are not a girls best friend, and I was keen to try something to make my curls beautiful again. 

Joe Browns - In the anti-clockwise route we were going in, we next ended up with Joe Browns one of the fashion brands at #BLFW. We ended up talking about versatile fashion and style for everyone and how events like these really bring light to brands that we never really heard of and could really enjoy and also so they can talk to the public first hand to see what we like and don't like. We talked Instagram snap tips and also of course about the collection they were showcasing for SS15! We saw boho chic and also some classic spring pastes like this pretty blossom print collarless coat and also this pretty pink on pink skater dress. I'd heard of Joe Browns before but never took the time to look into them. After seeing their stuff, I may have to have a peek!

Tuff Love - I was really interested by the prints in these tees designed by the founder of Tuff Love. She gets inspiration from nature as you can tell, but the way she manipulates the colours I found really interesting and beautiful. I was lucky enough to get one of her tees - not this one, but be sure to keep an eye out for it on the blog!

Niki P - Aren't these prints beautiful!? And what's even more beautiful is that these silk scarves feel amazing and the prints are drawings by the designer! Amazing. I loved the one with rams on. Who needs a scarf with rams on? I do. 

IRIS - As you may be able to tell with these amazing brands is that they all love their products and have something special about them. Iris is no different and all the sandals and jewellery here are made by the founder of Iris. The detail on the sandals are just beautiful and I love those cable necklaces.

Amelia Jane London - Unfortunately I didn't get to speak to anyone here, but I adore their products. I think I need a fluffy key chain in my life and these ones from Amelia Jane are beautiful and so so soft! I also love their floral headbands! I'd love to be able to wear them out in public without looking silly.

Just Trade - This may have been one of my favourite brands here, and mostly because of that small badger up top! Isn't it cute!? All the products on this table are 100% fair trade! They try and keep everything as fair as possible from the price to the people they pay to make them. They know exactly who makes them, exactly where their money goes and I think that it's amazing that they keep this all in check to keep their brand alive and true to who they are. Now where do I get the cute badger nut necklace? Oh here.

Mink & Stone - After a long walk around my feet started to really hurt, so I saw down. I ended up sitting next to the Mink & Stone station where Miisa, one of the founders of Mink & Stone sat next to me and said "let's make you a necklace". She told me all about her amazing jewellery website and made me a necklace on it, and posted it live for anyone to buy. Honestly, check out Mink & Stone for yourself and find out why I love it so much. Future post about them to come...

Lip Glam - Lip Glam caught my attention when I saw their spinning Lip Glam display... What a way to lure a girl in! Of course, I wanted to know why Lip Glam is so special, so I found out. I won't say too much because I really want to blog about this, but it's more than just a lip balm... literally. Multi-use!

Of course there were many other brands there and I managed to chat to basically every one of them, but I was having too much fun I forgot a lot about photographing the event. I had such a good time and I hope everyone else there did it too! And if you're one of the brands that were there, thank you for being there, it was great to meet you all. I can't wait to try out all my products I was kindly given and be sure to check back to read up on how I got on with them!
For those who went Thursday, how was it? Link me to your posts about the day.

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