February Favourites

So February has bought favourites from all categories. In short I've been loving nail polishes, and stepping into new brands, I've been living in chiffon shirts and I've been obsessing with my iPad and staple make up pieces.

Essie 'Good To Go' Top Coat - The best top coat ever. I've been absolutely loving this and I haven't done my nails without this protecting my nail polish from chipping!
Essie 'Grow Stronger' Base Coat - I bought this in a set with the top coat back in January and I've definitely noticed stronger nails! To get the ultimate result, I just have to stop picking at them and biting them...
Barry M Speedy Quick Dry in 'Pit Stop' -This grey beige colour is gorgeous on nails, and after seeing all the hype with these polishes I've just had to try them! I will admit, I haven't experienced the "speedy quick dry" effect yet, but it applies really nice and opaque. Maybe I need a couple of thinner coats to get that speedy dry effect.
Barry M Speedy Quick Dry in 'Pole Position' - Of course, I didn't get just one of the new Barry M polishes and I went for this pretty light green colour which is sort of 'pistachio'. I love this colour and I think it works well for a nail design with 'Pit Stop'.
Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover - Being at my grandparent's I'm kinda of trying to keep everything compact as if I was on holiday, so I repurchased this. And I rediscovered my love for it, not only is it totally convenient, there is no product spillage, no sponge problem, it's small and it's quick. Perfect!

Maybelline Mastergraphic Marker Eyeliner - This is my all time favourite eyeliner. No jokes, I absolutely love it. It always leaves a perfect black line, so close to the lashes and it's so easy to control even though it's absolutely massive! Only downfall is the plastic cap stays on when I pull the lid off... I can deal with that though.
Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit - I've really been getting into my contouring and being a n00b still, it only made sense to go for something cheap. I decided the Seventeen contour kit would do the job and actually I love it! It gives a subtle contour and though I like to go over the highlight a little more, it still works great and blends really well.
Maybelline Color Sensationals in 'Pink Punch' - I love a vivid pink lip and I've been reaching out for this one in this magenta hot pink colour. I am a big fan of the Color Sensational collection, and this has been my favourite colour this month.
Bioderma Micellar Water - I haven't stopped using this to remove my make up since I first purchased it a year ago... it's forever a favourite and I don't know what I'd do if they stopped making this. I've even bought a tiny travel sized bottle with pump so I can use it on holiday. It's the only make up remover that doesn't irritate my eyes!
L'Occitane Shea Vanilla Bouquet Hand Cream - I received this in a My Little Box and since receiving it I've reached almost to the end of the product. I've had really nice soft hands recently and I love the way the product smells. I've always avoided L'Occitane because it's quite pricey, but I'd definitely purchase this hand cream again thanks to the sample on in MLB!

Fashion & Other Favourites:
Shirts - I've really been loving shirts this month - with sleeves or without, but especially the one pictured above. I've bought a couple more since but I love how easily they can be dressed up or dressed down! Chiffon ones are my favourite ♥
iPad - My iPad has really been getting some attention this month. I've been attached to it more than my laptop and it's a because I've got quite a few apps on it that I'm on 24/7. At the moment I'm playing SimCity BuildIt and I'm pretty sure I'm getting to pro levels now, I've got a cracking city at the moment! Also, I've been obsessed with Pinterest, the updated BlogLovin' app, Google Drive and BBC iPlayer along with all the social media. With Eastenders peaking intense drama, I've been glued to watching anything and everything Eastenders and discussing countless times, who killed Lucy Beale. (I guess Eastenders was a favourite this month too then...) But these apps have been the ones I've been using the most this month, taking up most of my evenings.
Sleep - I've been making sure that I'm getting sleep this month, it's been making a difference to my energy levels and I can't help but enjoy a good long sleep. I've been hitting the hay at earlier at night and waking up just when my alarms go off. Sleep has been my best friend throughout February, and I thank it for getting my through.
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - In white, dark or milk chocolate I'll have them anyway. I'm obsessed with the Reece's chocolate this month and it hasn't stopped. I've had to force a stop on it in worries that I may develop peanut butter insides, but it's a solid favourite of mine now. How did I not discover them sooner? And have you seen they've got a Reece's bunny for Easter!? That please.

What's been your favourites this month?


  1. I've been loving the new Barry M Range too, my favourite was their lilac colour <3
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex.co.uk

    1. I'm loving the Barry M range less now towards the end of the month. I don't think its so speedy at all! Xx

  2. Gorgeous picks babe, I'm lovin' Barry M this month as well! :D x


    1. Barry M are amazing but I'm slowly disliking it as this month goes on! Doesn't dry as well as I wanted it too! Xx