What Cat Wore | Vertical Stripes

Cami - Dorothy Perkins // Cardigan - River Island // Trousers - Miss Selfridge

On close observation you'll notice I am not wearing any shoes. This is because I forgot to put some on, and upon realising this information I'd already taken all the photos and decided I quite liked them. It was early morning, that's my excuse.
I had to get some style inspiration from Pinterest before wearing these amazing wide-leg trousers because even though I am totally in love with them, I didn't know how to wear them. A little Pinterest inspiration and voila - this was the result. It's probably my most favourite ever outfits to date, and I love how these can go from creating a great statement look to a relaxed one like this. The trousers are actually pretty comfortable, and the flare on these is just crazy taking me back to my days at school where I was obsessed with flares that covered my feet. And though I have had a few giggles and jokes about my "clown trousers", I don't care. They're amazing to me, and I can't wait to style them again!

What's your take on wide-leg trousers?


  1. Awesome trousers! They look great xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  2. They look so pretty! They'll be perfect for the warmer days and there isn't material clinging to your legs like jeans and leggings do haha xx
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex

    1. You're so right there! Sometimes you need easy breathey fabric around your legs! Lol xx

  3. This look really suits you! The trousers are so cool - how dare people laugh!! I bet they are so comfy too <3 Gisforgingers xx