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Sweater - Topshop
Trousers - Topshop
Socks - Topshop
Boots - New Look

I have these strange moments when I think up an outfit and I just have to put it together. It happens out of the blue, and normally I'm not thinking about clothes, fashion or blogging. It just appears like an unexpected pop-up on your browser, and I just get so fixated on putting that outfit together the next day. This was one of those outfits.
Why didn't I ever think of mixing my casual pieces with my smarter ones!? It's been such an obvious thing all the fashion and style bloggers have been doing and I never thought of trying it out myself. DUH! I've opened so many doors in my wardrobe now especially since I've got a small collection of printed trousers. And these check ones with my casual bunny sweater just look great together. This bunny sweaters been a favourite comfort piece since it became mine last summer and I'm surprised it hasn't appeared on my blog yet bearing in mind I actually do wear this one all the time. It's so cute!
Rarely will you see me in all monochrome too. But my wardrobe has dialled down a little bit recently and I'm appreciating grey and white a lot more. It's the colours I seem to be picking up often with pops of colour. At the moment I'm enjoying pastels and khaki too, which I'm intending to inject into my wardrobe this spring/summer especially with so many trends rocking them. What colours are you filling your wardrobe with this season?

CAT xo
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  1. How adorable is this jumper!? :D really suits you babe xx


  2. This is my go to pyjama style (that was a compliment I promise) so would love to wear something like this during the day! Gisforgingers xx