My Little Frenchie Box

Ah, another My Little Box. I still get so excited when I get these and this month's is top in my favourites! This month's theme is My Little Frenchie Box, designed by Chanel muse Ines de la Fressange! I love it when these boxes are made by someone I will be honest here - don't know and never heard of, because I find new and inspiring women to look up to. When I read her story in the My Little World magazine that came with this box I was inspired - this is a woman who didn't give a shit what others though, did what SHE wanted and carried on going up in the world. I 100% need to take a leaf out of her book!

Of course, in this box I received the usual magazine and poster and along with it was the most interesting little corked pot with lots of little scroll resembling papers inside.

This little pot was filled with notes that could inspire a positive start to the day, morning fashion choices and food for thought. I love these and I've been opening one every morning since I got it. It's a lovely pick me up in the morning and a little bit of fun!

The thing I think I got most excited about was my new phone wallet. It's so cute and perfect in this red colour! It keeps my phone safe and stylish at all times. I've been using this since I opened the box too and I've been complimented on it a few times and asked where it's from. "From My Little Box of course!" It's beautiful with the little navy, blue and white dots and I love the gold Ines & My Little Box stamping printed on the leather-like pocket. It's classy, practical and Parisian!

Lastly but of course not least, we have beauty products and this month there was 4!
Firstly, the My Little Beauty Embellisseur which is a peach tinted complexion enhancer. I won't lie to you, I've never seen or used one of these before but I am intrigued by it and I'll soon be trying it.
Also for the face, I received Oil Blotting Paper from DHC. I don't think I'll be using these often, or maybe not at all as I actually have pretty dry skin so oiliness has never been an issue for me. It's a great products with 100 sheets in that tiny little box, perfect to pop in your bag and use on the go!
Now to my two favourites, one being the L'Oreal Brow Artist Plumper in Transparent which I've been enjoying to keep my very unruly brows tame! I am in serious need of an eyebrow wax at the moment, but this has kept it hidden for a little bit, and my brows looking neat all day long! 
Last we have the Crayon Khol Terrybly Pencil by By Terry in Bronze Generation. I love this pencil and the colour of it. It's not totally black, and it's not totally that bronze khaki but it has a beautiful metallic shimmer! I've used this pencil to create a couple of looks, one being a smoky eye, and it works really well for defined lines, and smudging. A product I'll definitely be enjoying for a while. I'd never heard of the By Terry brand too, so I think it's one I may have to look into having loved this pencil so much recently.
Overall this box has been a lovely one. I've enjoyed 50% of the beauty products and though I am yet to try the complexion enhancer, I have a weird feeling I won't get on with it, but that's probably because I don't know what it'll do for me. I could be wrong, but I'm only trying to be honest! I've loved this box - it's been one to make me smile for the last couple of weeks and that's what I love about these boxes, it's still never been a disappointing box! I wonder what next month will bring....
Have you subscribed for the My Little Box yet!? And if you haven't why not!?
It's only £11 (+ p&p) a month and you get all these! Just the By Terry Kohl Pencil on it's own is worth more than TWO of these boxes! 


  1. This sounds fantastic, I never knew about it before but I'm definitely going to consider subscribing now. Thanks!!

    Hunter //