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Dress - Topshop
Cape - Miss Selfridhe
Belt - New Look
Converse - Very.co.uk

I am really starting to love a monochrome look, and especially one with a bold print such as this spotted dress - my favourite casual dress that I've had for ages now. I paired this dress up with a spotted belt I got the other day in the New Look sale and I thought it would look cute together with the contrasting spots, and I think it works well really, even if it is a small detail to notice! I like it.
I didn't want to go for the generic cardigan or jumper over the top of this like I ALWAYS do, so I decided to brave it and wear my new cape with this look. It doesn't completely go but in a weird way it does, and that's what I like about this odd pairing. It's just a simple grey panelled cape, and it goes well with so many outfits. It's also like wearing a huge blanket so it's super comfortable to wear, and I wear this alllll the time now.

I wore this out on Sunday and though I wasn't going anywhere, I kept it casual but somewhat dressed up in a way that I'd be ready to go out for anything that came up spur of the moment. Its always been a thing of mine to be even just a little dressed up on a Sunday and I've always done it since I was a kid, whether it was to stay at home, go to someone's house, or church, or a party of some sort, I'd always make sure I was dressed for any possible occasion. And I do it every Sunday to this day because of what happened the one time I didn't dress up or do my make up.
So: This one Sunday when I was about 15, I didn't bother with my appearance, or what I was wearing and my parent's decided we should go out to dinner. We went to a nice Chinese local to us and on my way back from the bathroom my little brother had decided to run after me and tell me that Danny and Dougie of McFly were sitting in the table behind us. I was flapping by this point with excitement and then it dawned on me I looked like crap. Those weren't the days I cared about fashion but I did care about what I looked like and that day I looked rubbish. Typical! The one day I didn't bother and I met the two guys I loved the most from my favourite band... I'm 100% sure they didn't care, but I did and that was all that mattered to me. Still - I got their autographs and it may have been the best day of my life at that point but I looked like shite and felt like I'd left a bad impression. And because I felt that way I wouldn't want to leave a bad impression on someone again no matter who it was or where I was, I developed this thought process that I had to always be dressed to impress. It could change my life and I don't know it! So then I felt I'd learnt my lesson the hard way! Stupid story, but hey! That's why I do it!

Have you got a thing you do like my dressy Sundays for any weird reasons? Please share them if you do! I'd have so much fun reading your stories!

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