My Little Energy Box

When it hits the second week of the month I get so excited about the possibility of my subscription to My Little Box coming through the post any day from the 12th onwards. This month it's the My Little Energy Box which of course is perfect for the first month of the year! It's inspired me to get up and going to becoming healthier which in turn results to being happier! It's already one of my goals this year for both health reasons and for my own confidence and happiness, so this box is perfect for a fresh start. On to the contents!

As always, a motivational A5 poster and a magazine! I just adore the photo album section in the My Little World magazine, it's great to have a section dedicated to inspirational images relating to the box and just because! I also love the recipes which I'm planning on cutting out soon and keeping in a special little box so that when the house is done I can make healthy and yummy recipes in our new kitchen.

 This month, Little Box brings a 2015 Calendar to use throughout the year. I'm really happy I have this one because I didn't get a calendar this year and it would be super useful to have one, and now I do. It's a perfect size as well to keep on your wall by your desk without taking too much room. I like that about this calendar. It's small, useful and simple! Along with the calendar, a gym bag for carrying your work out wear to and from wherever you may be going to work out. Whether it be the gym, the pool or whatever really - it's a lovely bag!

This month's three beauty products are really lovely! Keeping to the energy theme the box comes with the My Little Beauty Energy Mist to give yourself a refreshing spritz when needed! I already have this in my bag to use when I need a little spritz to wake me up. Along with the Energy Mist, you'll find Nails Inc in 'Tate' which is a beautiful rich yet darkish red. I loved it so much I put it on that day and it lasts really well! I was missing a decent red in my life and now I have one.
Lastly we have the Talika Photo-Hyrda Day Cream which claims to use energy from natural light to deeply moisturise and hydrate your skin! Pretty cool if you ask me. I love the idea of this, and I think this would be a perfect product for the sunnier days in the coming spring when there's more natural lighting around. I have used this a couple of times and I like the way it feels on my skin and you can feel it instantly working into the skin. No stickiness or the feeling of excess product, it's actually quite refreshing instead!

I love this month's box! It's a real 'get up and go' box and I love how it all ties in with energy somehow. Whether it be in the form of words, a special formula or a bright colour! I'm definitely motivated to get my tummy tucked in for the summer, my body toned up for my own confidence and happiness and then my fitness levels up so I'll happily and easily hike Snowdon in Wales with my friends for charity in the summer! *insert muscle arm emoji* Let's go!


  1. Haven't heard most of the brands here but it all looks good actually, I'd love to try them

    Anything & Everything | Bloglovin'

    1. It's great having this box for that reason! Discovering new brands and if I like them and also if they work for me is my favourite! I love the Laura Mercier primer because of this box :) xx

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    1. Thanks! It's a lot of fun to unbox :) xx